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Zip,Zap Tech is a technology design house, a manufacturer, and marketeer of the latest products and services in the "Consumer Technology" marketplace. We sell a lot of items to people who have consumer technology that starts with the letter "i", such as i-phone, i-pad, and i-pod.

Our products have a minimum of a ONE YEAR No Hassles Warranty in most instances. We accept returns in accordance with our Return Policy and we try very hard to educate our customers about what they are buying.

We design many of the products we make. We test and inspect everything to the point of being obsessive. Our manufacturers hold patents on many of the things we resell or market for them.

We try to advertise only those items we have, in stock, in the United States. Sometimes we run out, but we will notify you promptly so YOU can make the decision about what action to take. We will even...  Read More
Name:Zip, Zap Technology
Location:Rohnert Park, California
United States
Since:Sep 2005