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Pink Lolita Dress History

The Pink Lolita Dress can be dated from USA in the 18th Century with the influence from Victorian lifestyle amalgamated with French lifestyle. This kind of culture can involve taking part in ultra feminine activities: sewing, baking, and other conventioanl feminine behaviour. The Pink Lolita culture often basically involves being surrouded with beautiful objects and living a royal princess life.

A kind of street fashion is called FRUiTS, which can mag that introduced Japanese fashion subcultures to the world. In my opinion, it can inspire an era of experimenting with loud, crazy clothes and hairstyles in my 20s. At that time, I never dabbled in Lolit fashion. At its inception there was the Gothic persuasion. But I appreciated it for its wacky boldness. In the past 6 years, I made a couple of trips to Japan and saw Lolita in the flesh on the streets of Tokyou. Now I would see American girls in Lolita hanging out in San Francisco. I consider that they were nuts. The extreme fashion trend seemed like one that would get lost in translation.

In the last fall, I started noticing small gaggles of mostly non-Asian girls in their late teens and early 20s decked out in puffy baby doll dresses, knee socks, bows, bonnets, and crazy platform-heeled Mary Janes indulging at Sophie’s Crepes and posing for purikura at Pika Pika in the Japan Center.
Nowadays, Pink Lolita Dress can be seen in any street. Its color is very popular to people in the hot summar.

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