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Particular Characteristics of Pink Lolita Dress

The Pink Lolita culture can be dated back to 18th century in USA, with the influences from Victorian lifestyle mixed with French lifestyle. In some special time, the Pink Lolita culture involves basic activities: sewing, baking and other conventional feminine behavior. It is common for pink lolita cuture to be connected with beautiful objects and living a royal princess life.

Compared with prevallent fashion, Pink Lolita Dress is more about conventional women. It often discards wearing “appealing” clothes that most modern women in USA wear in order to attract man by revealing a lot more than it is meant to be. In other words, Pink Lolita Dress intends that women look pretty and beautiful as against, sexy and sultry.

The Pink Lolita Dress usually comprises of full skirt, which can include the knees are well covered and not exposed. Some socks which are over the knee is also contrasted by bloomers. A petticoat can be the same height as the skirt endings so that it is neatly covered by the skirt. All the skirts are often starting from the waist and not on the hips, as well as are a Bell-shaped ones.

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