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Feminine Lolita Fashion

It can be remembered that there had been some kind of Jezebel-related debacle over my favorite fashion, lolita. According to the slow develop of Lolita fashion, I google Lolita feminism, I got relly a bunch of irrelevant Lolita blogs.

Gradually, Lolita Dress becomes more and more popular. A Lolita book was written by a fellow Lolita years ago, one who clearly knows her stuff and does not just sit around writing verbose, bombastic and pretentious manifestos on tea party etiquette, winter coats, and glitter-shitting unicorns. Most people agree with all of their points, basically, but the comments showed that the overall world of Feminism did not. Although this went down a few years ago, as I have mentioned that althouth this went down a few years ago, as I have mentioned that Jezebel is not the last word on feminism by any means, I really have not seen anything on the topic since(aside from a few lolita secrets that seem to agree more with the Jezebel commenters than the actual article and one egl discussion), and I would like to add to the discourse.

The femine Lolita fashion is slowly entering into every corner around the world.

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