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If I my wife suddenly become a steamed bread

(how egg painful a topic...)
    Suppose there is then a day early in the morning wake up, found lying around a steamed bread.
    So first I want to make sure, I am regarded her as a steamed bread, or to continue as a person?-by continued it love, and I'll put her always as an independent personality, but expression is not out of the people.
    I put her properly put up, absolutely can't on the kitchen table, etc, lest she were swallowed. At the same time, I want to inform the whole family, from now on home but her the steamed bread, forbid any steamed bread, to ensure that any circumstances wouldn't she and other steamed bread mixed. -this is the necessary sacrifice her life security.
    Quality is also a big problem. Steamed bread put a day or two fine, but in the long run it will spoil. Therefore, I want to buy a refrigerator she alone, have frozen function. Steamed bread is not frozen, or it will become a piece of hard stone, can only be frozen up and wait for holidays, celebration, tourism and other need to bring her out, and put her out heating, and fresh. Of course, this refrigerator from now on will not put any items, because want to avoid her on the taste of food from the mess.
    She is the love of clean, even into a steamed bread, must also be health and clean. I need a day to wash her a bath, and use the best kleenex or wet wipes slowly to wipe, be careful not to touch hurt her skin. Steamed bread is fragile, outside a thin skin level is her only barriers, so must protect. Home regular deinsectization need to prevent her in my ignorance on the part of the time be insect bites.
    As for her school, QQ, requirements, I'll help her to continue to do, told her friends she travel to, and I'm afraid 1:30 return not. Don't let others know she has turned into a steamed bread, occasionally will travel to post photos of before online. I guess she is definitely don't want to have friends to know that she is a steamed bread.
    becomes a steamed bread, although I'm afraid I will be very sad, but travel, but the truth than before save much money. For example accommodation of words, I just live hostel beds can, put her into I selected soft pocket in bedside, and she still travels the four winds; In the scenic spot for she photographed, and request of passers-by to our photo.
    I in other people's eyes, I'm afraid I will become a madman, no matter where you go, all want to take a steamed bread, and even friends of scenic tourist unwilling to help our photo-and maybe, I will in online name, the name may be "steamed bread man"? Because I have a series of each scenic spot with her--is today a steamed bread-photo; I hand steamed bread, or happy hug, or exciting kiss, treat as once she steamed bread. In other people's eyes I crazy because widowed, in my heart, I know my favorite is a steamed bread. This is more than just normal things, I can accept.
    But I do not admit that I am so they are from lovers became. I love not steamed bread, is she. But she is now a steamed bread, then I will fall in love with her change after the steamed bread. But I'll repeatedly and parents explain, has the independent personality of words, whether steamed bread or what, she is a others like me.
    So slowly, I will form good habits of each a steamed bread, and never eat steamed bread. I hope after my side each steamed bread can get maybe before was not care. Smell the fragrance of steamed bread, I instinctively opened its mouth, and in contact with her, you will be a little kiss toothy maw into-so slowly, my sad gradually calmed down, I am used to take care of a I cherish the steamed bread, also used to the quiet life.
    I hope to put together with her travel photos stick full a wall, even if part of it is normal, but part of it is and steamed bread group photo. So I feel heart relieved, let me believe she never go far, let me think of her past happy. I would like to use the camera to record all of her point of view, with a video camera with her record and be worth collect carefully of the moment, and my computer to write down each article about the diary of steamed bread.
    I've always believed that, one day, when I wake up, the side of steamed bread has changed back to the sleeping her. I doesn't make such a fuss, gently help her pull on quilt, crept out of bed took the camera, to lie down on the bed to her taking pictures. I think, she finally came back.
    So that I can tell her,
    "In fact, those who give up, depression, shrink back what is false,
I just become more love you just.......

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