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ATV/UTV Silencers

It's quite amazing how well deer and other wildlife can hear, but it can be a real problem during a hunt. A quality silencer is a very valuable accessory for any hunter's ATV or UTV, and we carry the best there is to offer! The Silent Rider® is constructed using the patented technology developed by Benz right here in the United States. It has been tried and tested for 10 years now, is still 100% manufactured in the USA, and has been proven to reduce the noise from a stock exhaust by up to 60%! The low rumble that's emitted doesn't carry as far in the quiet woods, so you can ride closer to your favorite hunting spot. It was even featured on several channels, such as Outdoor Channel and Wild! TV.


The Silent Rider® is designed to provide a custom fit depending on the model you own, and Dump Beds and Drop Down Baskets and have already been taken into consideration in most cases. Many different models are offered, as well as a new Universal Silencer that will work on most ATV's or UTV's with a four-stroke engine. Simply select the make and model of your ATV or UTV, and then the year it was manufactured, and our site will route you to the appropriate model for your ATV. It attaches to most factory mufflers, usually requiring about 10 minutes to install. In cases where the tailpipe is not long enough to attach the silencer, the muffler will require an adapter to be welded or bolted on, which will add just a bit to the install time. Though the adapter is permanent, The Silent Rider® itself is easily removable whenever you decide you want to hear the rumble!


We never skip on quality, and these silencers are made with 14 Gauge Aluminized Steel. They are treated with a heat shield, and coated with a simple matte black finish. You may be concerned about your engine losing power, but not to worry! The Silent Rider® is designed be be as quiet as possible while placing only minimal pressure on the engine. If you live or plan to operate your ATV silencer at altitudes of 6000 feet above sea level or higher, your silencer will need to be modified to ensure that your engine is receiving adequate airflow. Simply notify us when you make your order, and we will take care of the modification in the factory. The Silent Rider® is truly the best quality silencer on the market today, and we are proud to sell them.

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