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Wedding Dress Manufacturer: Why you should choose Jusere

The international economy may be gloomy, but the wedding dress industry will only need to worry that the demand for inexpensive wedding dresses will be much higher than in the past. In fact, many people will not buy wedding dresses for their special day due to the usual cost. Wedding dress shops, wedding rental shops and wedding studios who provide wedding attire are seeking out the best sourcing for their products, along with reliable and reputable suppliers. Considering the local labor costs, many stores would much rather prefer to cooperate with Chinese wedding dress manufacturers.

When purchasing a wedding dress from China, you should consider only two places ~ Guangzhou and Suzhou. Guangzhou seems to be the representative of China processing plants, the biggest mobile phone accessories, and computer parts processing plants, as well as the biggest clothing factories, which of course include wedding dresses. Compared with Guangzhou, Suzhou is a rising star, with the support of the local government, and the volume of the wedding dress factories is far more prevalent than in Guangzhou, as the exports have already overtaken Guangzhou.

About Guangzhou Wedding Dress Factories

The size of Guangzhou wedding dress factories are bigger than Suzhou’s, but when it comes to quality, there is no comparison. Guangzhou wedding dress factories are known for making detailed wedding dresses which has become essential to the consumer. But these factories will not accept customized orders, and the wedding dress or evening gown minimum order must be more than ten at one time. Famory wedding dress factory is the largest wedding dress factory in Guangzhou, featuring a team of designers and professional equipment. But as with the OEM factory, unless the brand is a very well known international brand, the opportunity to cooperate with them is not likely.

About Suzhou Wedding Dress Factories

Due to Guangzhou factories’ high entry threshold, Suzhou factories rise rapidly through the E-commerce world. Most of the online wedding dress shops are from this area, as the price is extremely affordable, (normally only half the price), and attracts many customers who are seeking high quality at a lower price range. However, there are too many online shops who sell cheap, low-quality products, causing many European and American customers to refuse the wedding dresses made in China. 2012 is the most prosperous year of Suzhou wedding dress, and in the following years, Suzhou wedding dresses began to flow downstream, but with the benefits from the huge audience, Suzhou wedding dress manufacturers will continue to survive. Suzhou factories can provide custom made service which is the foundation for the survival of Suzhou wedding dresses.

Have Priority to Choose Jusere

Jusere is one of the largest wedding dress factories in Suzhou, founded in 2002, and has their own team of designers and unique brand. With two bridal boutiques, a large showroom, and nearly ten thousand wedding dresses to choose from, there aren't many wedding dress factories that can compare to Jusere.

Although Jurese does not have MOQ Guangzhou, they do carry a large variety of new styles and enough plenty of inventory. Compared with Suzhou, Jusere production lines are more adequate and of better quality, which means Jusere is the ideal choice for bridal boutique owners, salons, wedding studios and more!

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