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How to operate a wedding dress store? To some newbies, it is not easy. From product selection to decoration and sales promotion, there are many things to process. For wedding dress rental stores you can get back your invested money and also you can earn enough profit. But it is impossible for newbies who are not familiar with market.

Wedding dress mainly rent to the groups as following:

1. Less wedding budget, branded wedding dress prices are too high, and they don’t want to risk buying wedding dresses online. They can try the wedding dress to ensure the wedding dress is suitable for them, and then rent.

2. Other brides-to-be think they will wear the wedding dress only one time but too trouble to preserve. And they could save the money to enjoy their honeymoon.

Pricing is knowledge for wedding rental stores, usually wedding dress rental stores should consider below questions.

1. Price the wedding dress according to original purchase price. If your purchase price is lower enough, then your rental price would be much more competitive. Usually the rental price is 30% to 50% of original price, recover cost after rent out two or three times.

2. According to the market competition. No matter which industry, you need know your competitors ' pricing strategies that could have a head start in the market.

3. Try to rent peripheral products. Usually the wedding dress rental shops also rent bridesmaid dress and mother of the bride dress etc. To attract more customers to rent dress, you can consider to lower you wedding dress rent price, and higher the bridesmaid dress and other dress rental price

How to make your own wedding dress shop to stand and earn enough profit? There are three parts that require you special attention.

1. Store location. To locate your store, not only consider the rent, but also consider the people traffic. Of course, if too many competitors, you need consider whether have enough advantages to stand here.

2. Product purchases. The problem of product quality and price can’t be avoided, even your service is best. So it is necessary to find a suitable supplier. Till now China is the largest exporter of wedding dresses in world, Suzhou and Guangzhou are the China's largest wedding dress export base. If you want to wholesale designer wedding dresses from China, you can consider Jusere (one of the largest wedding dress factory in Suzhou, as well as the one of the most famous wedding dress brands in China.)

3. Store promotion. How to raise the shop's brand popularity and how to get more customers to remember you? Believe me, this is a topic of interest to many wedding rental stores. In addition to local media, you can also consider registering some social accounts; often post some public activities to attract attention. Improve stores popularity need a long time.

With the rapid development of e-commerce, many wedding dress rental stores start to rent wedding dresses online, especially some bridesmaid dress and school clothing. Operate an online store could save operating costs and make more profit, for people who want to open rental shop can consider.

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