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Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry - A Cultural History

Well, I have been working hard at my Bonanza booths, cleaning up listings while adding new stuff, getting ready for another huge import before the holidays.  I was hoping to have had the jewelry all done and ready by now, but, alas, is not the case.
Turns out today, someone was asking me about some of my pieces and the designs on some of them, so I decided to make that my blog story this week.  I am now selling Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry in my booth at Tuckerstuff, and just finished adding all the rings I have available, and are just as much a part of the culture here as the Hula, Spam, and Rice; it's just a part of the culture that a lot of people do not realize.  You may have seen some of these pieces before or similar ones to it on people, and not thought much of it, but trust me when I say they are much more than just...  Read More

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