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Why Buy From Me? Feedback Speaks For Itself

Why Buy From Me?  Feedback Speaks For Itself!

I've never been one to "toot my own horn" or brag about myself in any way, shape, or form.  I generally don't like to talk about myself like that.  I usually leave that to others.  But something happened to me yesterday when I went to the store that just got me to thinking what good customer service standards I really do have.  Sometimes it takes poor service to realize how good yours really is.  
I went to the store to cash my payroll check from my regualar 8 hour a day job workin' for the MAN.  I usually cash it at our little tiny community bank, but they are only open two days a week, and with strange hours:  Friday 1-5 pm, and Saturdays, 8-11:30 a.m.
Unfortunately, I did not make it to the bank Friday or Saturday, so I was forced to go to a store that I do not frequent very much just because they had cashed my payroll check twice in the past, so long as I spent 10% of the total value.
Not a problem since I needed food anyway.  I live completely off-grid and have a super high-efficiency generator for power, and I needed gas, too, which this store also provides.
So I grabbed a shopping cart, got my 10% worth of groceries and stepped up to the customer service counter, check signed and ready to go.  I handed it to her and said I wanted to cash my payroll check.  She said, "We don't do that here".  No smile, no "how are you today", and her demeanor was such that she looked like it was the last place she wanted to be.  I informed her I cashed them twice before with no problem.  She called a manager, or I assume it was a manager she spoke to on the phone.  She hung up the phone and just said, "No, we can't do that".  No apology or sense of courteousness.  I'm a nice guy, though, and take things in stride, so I just figured they must have changed their policy or something, and that she was having a particularly bad day; I'm just sorry she had to take it out on the customers coming in the store.  So I put back all my groceries that I had picked out, except for my Nissin Top Ramen soup, which is pretty much what I live on these days until the big sales start rolling in.
I did have enough money on my debit card to pay for gas, so I stepped back up to the counter and requested $20.00 in gas.  She asked what pump I was on.  I just held up my gas can and told her I was on foot and would walk out to the pump once it was set.  She said, "No, I am not doing that".  I was like, "What?"
She refused to set the pump for me because I was on foot and said that if she set the pump and somebody pulled up before I got to it and started pumping gas, she was not going to be held responsible for that.  I just looked at her and said, "You are refusing my business?  The pump is 10 feet outside the door, and I wouldn't hold you responsible if somebody did do that."  She told me to use the ATM and draw cash for payment, then she would set the pump for me.  I wasn't about to do that because of the ATM fees when my card was perfectly ready to go.  So I suggested I put my can next to a pump to "mark" my spot until I got to it.  She still said no because someone could still steal the gas before I got back out there.  I don't know what's going on in that store, but I've never in my life been a victim of someone pumping my gas after a pump was set.  I told her nevermind, I was going to the other friendly store across the street, which I happily did.
After all this occurred, I remember thinking to myself, "Wow, I guess I really do give good customer service to people that buy from me."
And for me, it's not an effort, it's just a matter of common courtesy to be polite, friendly, and understanding of people's needs.  I spent 20 years as a career waiter in some very fine restaurants dealing with "high maintenance" customers, and if I didn't give good service, I didn't get a good tip, so I learned a lot over the years about dealing with different personality types and anticipating needs and going out of my way, sometimes waaaay above and beyond the call of duty just to keep someone at my table satisfied, including buying them dessert out of my own pocket.  Sometimes I would do it just because I felt like "Paying it Forward" if it was a particularly enjoyable table or group of people.
So, applying all of this life experience in online sales, it all boils down to one thing:  
"Why would you wanna buy from me instead of the millions of other merchants and websites out there?"
I have one answer and one answer only:
Customer feedback speaks for itself, and mine is re-printed here now for all the world to see.  The first four or five are my Bonanza feedback sales.  
I no longer sell on eBay and hardly even sign in there anymore, but I made an effort because I feel strongly about this and is a core part of my morality and integrity, especially after that poor customer service experience.  
I've been up half the night sorting through over a year and a half's worth of old eBay messages and feedbacks, so I could share below what others have had to say about my customer service over the years.  Some of the items I am still selling in store, and the available ones are hyperlinked, so feel free to click, like, share, tweet, and "+1".

A buyer contacted you from your profile page at
Buyer message: 

Hey Tuckerstuff! Yes, I did recieve my Team Rocket Jessie outfit on July 14th. Sorry I didn't contact you sooner. Thank you for your prompt service and the good followups. You're very professional, and the costume fits me perfectly! I'll definitely be ordering my next cosplay outfit from you!
-Full Body Lycra Spandex Zentai Halloween Batman Costume
It is AWESOME!! Better then i hoped!! Thank you.- nfran13
PC Game Doom Collectors Edition Rare Ultimate Trilogy:
I would like to thank you for your quick and really good 'service'.
Video Game Lot PS1/PS2 Including Silent Hill 3 Good Buy:
PC Game Doom Collectors Edition Rare Ultimate Trilogy:
I did receive the item on Friday. Thank you for your great communication and fast shipping. The item was in good condition too. I left you excellent feedback.
Take Care!
- johnny_h22
Encore ENM232-6VIA 5.1 Channel PCI Surround Sound Card:
Thanks again for everything. Azuremoon01
A Keeper Of Words Legend Of Arthurian Tarot Book & Deck:
The item arrived on Friday in great condition. Thank you!
Las Vegas Nevada Palace Station Dice Mixed Lot of Three:
Aloha, you're the best. thank for keeping me informed. severino
- kaleipono2
Las Vegas Nevada Maxim Casino Dice Matching Pair Rare:
Yes and they are wonderful and thank u, I will leave good feedback for you , aloha
- spikergunn
Antique Ship Compass 1938 E.S. Ritchie & Sons 89306:
So far so very good. You run a good biz!
Casino Dice Edgewater Casino Laughlin Nevada Red Green:
The dice arrived safely--thanks for checking. Sometimes it takes an extra day or two for a package to make it from our central mailroom on campus over to my building.
- mark
The Thoth Egyptian Tarot Deck:
It arrived on 9-24-10 thank you though box was a little mashed 
the cards were fine and box is not bad just in need of a little tlc all 
in all i am very pleased with the cards thank u for prompt shipping
Olympic Pin Athens 2004 Visa Runner Pictograph Mint:
It arrived yesterday :o) Thanks!!! Frank
Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Officer Camping Vintage:
Yep, it's here. A perfect replacement for my other old knife- aryatara1
Skeleton Bone Hand Ceramic Bowl Halloween Party Decor:
Bowls are very nice! Just what I expected.-hzerman
I did however save you as a favorite seller to return and place my order again soon. 
You're great, thank you again. 
You are the best ebayer ive ever Met. I will deffinitly add you to my favorite sellers.-nfran
yes!! thank you so much!!
- nfran13
Yes!! It’s wonderful!! thank you!
Island Heritage Mug Bold Hibiscus Blue 2002 New In Box:
Thanks for your quick response. We have been to 
most of the islands, but the Big Island has to be 
our favourite. I'm buying your mug as I had an 
identical one from a previous trip and sadly the 
handle broke off in an accident. I have had that 
mug so long, that it is missed - aren't I sad! So 
I'm so pleased I found another on eBay! I know 
how difficult it is getting things to and from 
Hawaii, so I understand with the postage. I'm not 
in a hurry for it to arrive, but will look forward 
to it's arrival.
Kind regards, Victoria
I Sent The Following Customer to One Of My Competitors Because They Had A Better Price:
OH Thank You so much , I really appreciate your kindness! be well 
...are you in Hawaii? you dont have to answer that ... laughing , 
you made me think of warm weather ..again Thanks so very much ! 
- gotgoodstuff63
  AMD Athlon A1200AMS3C 1.2 Ghz Socket A CPU New in Box (#160453645538) US $11.75
game works great, no issues, no problem, fast shipping. Thanks again! Buyer: mabalki ( 157)   Jul-28-10 19:26
  PC Game Emperor Battle For Dune Classic Original Box (#160456591065) US $46.00
game arrived with no problems, no damage, no issues. I am a satisfied Buyer: mabalki ( 157)   Jul-28-10 05:54
  Return to Castle Wolfenstein PC Game Collectors Box Tin (#160456998961) US $40.00
Thank You So much!  I didn't even know there was a "collector's Box Tin" version of this game! Fantastic! Buyer: nakpat-2007 ( 56)   Jul-28-10 01:26
  Creative Labs SB0090 Sound Blaster Audigy SB1394 Card (#160456133799) US $2.80
Really wasn't like new condition, but communication & packaging were very good. Buyer: sv2k11 ( 470)   Jul-27-10 19:3
  Vintage PC Game Battlezone Windows 95 Like New In Box (#160454401801) US $25.00
Item received promptly. Buyer: adam007 ( 184)   Jul-23-10 05:51
  Reaper Miniature Ultra Rare Limited Edition Five Pieces (#160452976602) US $30.00
great service - fast delivery Buyer: ms_wcreek ( 822)   Jul-20-10 07:41
  Vintage Matchbooks Showboat Topless Go-Go San Diego Cal (#160452707751) US $3.50
 great communication, smooth transaction....thanks! Buyer: 1974carriela ( 119)   Jul-15-10 12:27
  Vintage Porsche XL500 Sunglass Lenses With Case Mint (#160452735970) US $97.00
.•:*¨¨*:•.FANTASTIC SELLER.•:*¨¨*:•.HIGHLY RECOMMEND.•:*¨¨*:•.A BLESSING 2 EBAY! Buyer: selloff2186 ( 91) 
  PC Game Doom II w/Master Levels and Quake III Arena box (#160455341442) US $60.00
6 days to receive item EXCELLENT!!! Recommended to ALL,AAA+++ Seller Buyer: thegodphoenix ( 590)   Jul-14-10 14:50
  Vidpro Display Card Playstation Riven Sequel to Myst (#160453116005) US $7.00
Great seller, arrived quickly in good condition, good communication, Thanks! Buyer: hgbucko2009 ( 407)   Jul-13-10 11:31
  Tomb Raider II Playstation Vidpro Display Card Rare Buy (#160447740415) US $6.00
Thank you for an easy, pleasant transaction. Excellent buyer. A++++++. Seller: buy4cheap2011 ( 4629)   Jul-07-10 16:07
Feedback from me for an Item I purchased (Aug-01-10 06:54):
I am loving this camera. I have been using it for my current ebay listings. A++
  -- (#220628301646) --

BMW Motorcycle Book in German 1925 Vintage Rare Pre War (#160445054088) US $135.00
Excellent Book, Quick Shipping, A+ Buyer: sergei4mda ( 148)   Jun-28-10 19:32
  Expert Gamer July 2000 Metal Gear Solid Special Buy (#160446179669) US $13.00
Smooth transaction, and fast shipping A+ Buyer: lordzoltor ( 53)   Jun-28-10 10:31
  Ogre Battle & Castlevania Vidpro Display Card Mint Rare (#160446210737) US $43.00
good sells Buyer: liuzhuo14982726 ( 165)   Jun-25-10 03:09
  Champions of Norrath Return to Arms Prima Strategy Book (#160440315979) US $30.00
very very quick that is good. Buyer: 1982aldocruz ( 56)   Jun-13-10 15:12
  Official US Playstation Magazine March 1999 Silent Hill (#160440668759) US $10.00
Speedy delivery. Excellent comm. Would definatly do business again. A+++ Buyer: crimsoncarms ( 114)   Jun-09-10 09:39
  Parasite Eve 2 for Playstation 1 Almost Brand New (#160438874478) US $31.00
great items, excellent communication skills thank you very much Buyer: kaleipono2 ( 1319)   Aug-24-10 19:23
  Las Vegas Nevada Palace Station Dice Mixed Lot of Three (#160465162395) US $3.49
Great transaction, Recommended seller. Thank you! AAAAA+++++ Buyer: dinoking ( 2202)   Aug-24-10 18:27
  The Lost World Jurassic Park Vidpro Cards & 2 Holo Pins (#160458386108) US $20.53
Thank You! Buyer: bushman131 ( 76)   Aug-23-10 09:20
  Hp DVD Rewriter Model dvd1140i 22X Multiformat New Box (#160465185160) US $19.95
Thanks for the great transaction. Buyer: madcat7714 ( 68)   Aug-23-10 08:55
  PC Game Lot Painkiller:Gold, Doom 3 Quake 4 CD-ROM Halo (#160464411270) US $19.95
Excellent product super fast shipping Thanks! Buyer: memachinist ( 717)   Aug-22-10 05:24
  LS Starrett Co Micrometer No 232 Rare Hard to Find Deal (#160466447434) US $39.95
all good Buyer: robert_dewolf ( 321)   Aug-21-10 04:06
  Coleman Engineer Lensatic Compass Vintage Camping Gear (#160455247422) US $15.50
Accurate and very,very fast delivery.Wishing to do bussisnes again. Buyer: robertop310 ( 33)   Aug-20-10 23:09
  Nikon CoolPix 12MP Digital Camera New In Box (#160467241614) US $148.83
item arrived great shape, GREat seller. will do business with again. Buyer: suns76 ( 134)   Aug-20-10 01:09
  Digital Movie DVD R Verbatim w/Vintage Super Jewel Case (#160462368731) US $8.00
Highly recommrnded! A+ Buyer: the45 ( 1778)   Aug-17-10 14:54
  Star Trek Deep Space Nine Dominion Wars & The Fallen (#160463985409) US $12.95
Fast shipping and good product Buyer: jrlsr40 ( 74)   Aug-17-10 10:19
AS DESCRIBED , GET SELLER HERE HE KNOWS HIS STUFF A+++++++ THX YOU Buyer: carcrazymechanic ( 34)   Aug-17-10 07:05
  Motherboard Rare Amibios 80486DX ISA BIOS w/CPU & Book (#160463965574) US $75.00
A+ Smooth Transaction Seller: sgprintingsupplies ( 35099)   Aug-16-10 22:13
  -- (#160410469069) --

A Keeper Of Words Legend Of Arthurian Tarot Book & Deck (#160462846062) US $33.00
Very nice service- was looking for this out of print product for a long time! Buyer: jessicahanselman ( 17)   Aug-16-10 10:15
  Creative Labs CT4740 Sound Blaster Internal Sound Card (#160461550334) US $0.99
nice piece! Buyer: moomoomae ( 294)   Aug-14-10 17:03
  Western Digital 160 GB WD1600AAJB Internal Hard Drive (#160459595076) US $19.99
A very good seller to deal with. Would highly recomend. A++++++ all the way! Buyer: azuremoon01 ( 90)   Aug-13-10 22:27
 Memory Chip Hynix DDR 1GB PC3200 Set of 2 Feb 16 2006 (#160461964338) US $39.00
fast shipping ,memory sticks work good, good price, happy with purchase. = AAAA+. Buyer: muddman55-2009 ( 83)   Aug-09-10 17:59
 Encore ENM232-6VIA 5.1 Channel PCI Surround Sound Card (#160457301821) US $4.95
RED ROSES ALL THE WAY A ++++++++++++++++++ Buyer: diamondollar50 ( 100)   Aug-07-10 18:30
  Video Game Lot PS1/PS2 Including Silent Hill 3 Good Buy (#160456149122) US $6.09
Great Vintage Item! Buyer: rarm8448 ( 319)   Aug-04-10 20:04
  Vintage Diamond SpeedSTAR Internal VGA Video Card Used (#160459248436) US $0.99
GREAT VINTAGE ITEM - GREAT EBAY SELLER - FAST SHIPPING Buyer: rarm8448 ( 319)   Aug-04-10 20:04
  CD ROM Drive External BSR Drive Model 6800 MX Works (#160457940864) US $9.95
A++++++ Buyer: igor_stativkin ( 240)   Aug-04-10 01:10
  PC Game Warcraft II Tides of Darknes With Expansion New (#160457701082) US $30.00
Good Transaction, item arrived quickly and in described condition. Buyer: lordmoz ( 634)   Aug-03-10 20:16
  Microsoft Macro Assembler 6 DOS & OS/2 3.5" Like New (#160458384604) US $49.95
Excellent transaction, fast shipping. Well packed,A pleasure to do business with Buyer: manos_frias ( 1142)   Aug-03-10 15:31
  Vintage Viper VLB Diamond Video Card Version 2.02 Rare (#160456181213) US $8.05
Really, really good communication, service and really fast shipping! Buyer: johnny_h22 ( 23)   Aug-03-10 09:18
  PC Game Doom Collectors Edition Rare Ultimate Trilogy (#160454098799) US $40.00
Fast ship, well packed, as described. Good deal! Buyer: shofarhorn ( 894)   Jul-29-10 16:31
  Collectible Pin Bo Gritz Let's Take Capitol Hill 1992 (#160457042298) US $2.50 Feedback From / 
Excellent Thank u A+++++++++++++++++++++++++SELLER Buyer: spikergunn ( 1052)   Oct-08-10 15:01
  Las Vegas Nevada Maxim Casino Dice Matching Pair Rare (#160468162016) US $12.00
Arrived quickly in great shape. Thanks! Buyer: udspacemonkey ( 542)   Oct-07-10 14:54
  PC Game Descent 2 1996 Interplay Parallax Big Box (#160481899642) US $15.50
Thank you. Quick postage. Easy Transaction Buyer: necridpopsicle ( 243)   Oct-06-10 23:53
  Quake 1 PC CD Original Rare Big Box (#160482903566) US $14.99
PERFECT! Buyer: tapme68 ( 38)   Oct-01-10 12:28
Las Vegas Casino Sundance $1 Poker Chip Out of Print (#160481900606) US $2.75  
Thanks for the chip. A+++ Buyer: ghetto1971 ( 217)   Sep-28-10 17:26
  PC Game Descent Levels of the World 1995 Big Box (#160481900274) US $14.99
great seller will gladly buy from them again a+++ Buyer: ithica2010 ( 230)   Sep-24-10 14:51
  Tarot Card Deck Art Nouveau New (#160480601492) US $21.57
A++++++++++++++++++++ Buyer: wilsonturtle ( 1095)   Sep-23-10 12:22
  Womens Shoes Maui Surf Company Boat Parchment New (#160475783169) US $51.81
Bought it, got it, happy, happy, happy!!! Buyer: pgmcneilly ( 134)   Sep-20-10 20:11

Streetwise 600k Volt Stun Gun Rechargeable Light Alarm (#160478426821) US $69.74
nice tool, thought it was biult like a maglight however.... all plastic, but Good. Buyer: mattyq006900.mattyq006900 ( 71)  
  Descent 3 PC CD Game With 2 Discs 1999 (#160478874869) US $0.99
nice, Thanks, A+++ Buyer: dorskins ( 1479)   Sep-18-10 11:17
  Las Vegas Casino Sundance $5 Poker Chip Out of Print (#160468725724) US $4.50
Fast Shipper Buyer: j1blue8ygi ( 201)   Sep-16-10 21:21
  Streetwise 600k Volt Stun Gun Rechargeable Light Alarm (#160474010093) US $59.74
Fast shipment! Highly recommended! A++++++. Greetings from Norway Buyer: pinspal_com ( 138)   Sep-16-10 05:55
  Olympic Pin Athens 2004 Visa Runner Pictograph Mint (#160462428061) US $10.00
Good) Thanks, very fast shipping Buyer: lmin2323 ( 21)   Sep-11-10 15:29
  Digital Camera 14MP Wide Optical GE X5 New In Box (#160473631971) US $178.88
Just what I wanted Buyer: aryatara1 ( 463)   Sep-11-10 10:04
  Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Officer Camping Vintage (#160473253456) US $5.99
Awesome seller just as described !!! Thanx you ! Buyer: provenimpact ( 32)   Sep-08-10 05:32
  Planescape Torment & Soulbringer Windows PC 1999 (#160471646754) US $24.95
Very good transaction. Buyer: mark-arrow ( 1007)   Sep-03-10 11:56
  Casino Dice Edgewater Casino Laughlin Nevada Red Green (#160467698211) US $5.99
awesome seller! Worked with me on an issue, all class. Buyer: perfectcr ( 1034)   Sep-02-10 19:05
  Star Wars Force Unleashed Ultimate Sith Xbox 360 Sealed (#160466410099) US $56.00
It's all good here. Deal with confidence. Buyer: no7out ( 1122)   Sep-02-10 16:33
  Casino Dice Las Vegas Club Vintage Pair Rare Good Deal (#160470517815) US $14.00
Fast Shipping. Great Seller. Buyer: nemrod34 ( 43)   Sep-02-10 07:56
  PC Game Half Life Game of the Year Edition 1999 Mint (#160470922862) US $9.99
Excellent communications. Fast service. Aces in follow ups Buyer: wilinporta ( 30)   Aug-30-10 16:22
  Antique Ship Compass 1938 E.S. Ritchie & Sons 89306 (#160468924472) US $249.95
great item Buyer: orr4490 ( 231)   Aug-27-10 13:46
  Las Vegas Casino Sundance $1 Poker Chip Out of Print (#160468165993) US $3.65
fast accurate Buyer: neilp19401neil ( 56)   Aug-27-10 12:50
  Casino Dice Silver Slipper Las Vegas Vintage Pair (#160467692938) US $0.99
D-Link DFE-530TX+ NIC, new. Rcvd in 5 days. Very well packed. Good condition. Buyer: cwhitlat ( 416)   Aug-25-10 21:40
  Ether Network D-Link Express PCI Adapter DFE-530TX+ NIB (#160467692367) US $0.99
Great Product, Fast Shipping, Excellent Seller!! Buyer: doowynnek (private)   Aug-25-10 14:09
  Aliens Vs Predator 2 PC Game With Expansion Primal Hunt (#160463958551) US $9.99
purchased arrived quickly and I purchase went well. I would purchase again Buyer: gerharth2006 ( 26)   Aug-25-10 13:32

Legend of Dragoon Playstation 2000 Black Label Game Lot (#160500180519) US $50.00
great deal fast shipping the disk are perfect nice package 5/5! Buyer: chill1000returns ( 190)   Nov-17-10 09:01

  Walt Disney Masterpiece VHS Five Movie Collection (#160462452141) US $19.95
Item just as described & fast shipping. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Buyer: picklishpickle ( 1358)   Nov-15-10 16:48
  Porcelain Red Barn Christmas Country Style Lot of 4 New (#160498437702) US $99.49
Well packaged. Easy transaction. Buyer: see1997 ( 581)   Nov-13-10 15:29
  Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon Cassette Capitol 1973 (#160498052851) US $12.95
Fast shipping-no problems here! Buyer: jackiemouse ( 70)   Nov-10-10 11:47
New Mens Boat Shoes Maui Surf Raft White (#160490564343) US $58.63
Took about a week for shoes to arrive. Good communication. Buyer: kidnappu ( 211)   Nov-08-10 07:11

Game Informer Magazine Issue 98 June 2001 WWF Exclusive (#160499576512) US $16.00  
Great seller AAAAA+++++ Buyer: alwaysonsale247 ( 9303)   Nov-04-10 16:16
  Las Vegas Casino Sundance $1 Poker Chip Out of Print (#160495984771) US $2.49
Great communication, excellent seller. Buyer: kellygoodnuff ( 60)

Full Body Lycra Spandex Zentai Halloween Batman Costume (#160495158847) US $89.95  
greatest ebayer ever!!! VERY recomended!!!! A+++ outstanding! Buyer: nfran13 ( 18)  
   Island Heritage Mug Bold Hibiscus Blue 2002 New In Box (#160491620197) US $9.95
Quick, perfect and just what I was wanting! Great seller - highly recommended! Buyer: victoriatombs ( 1264)   Nov-01-10 04:07
Tarot Card Deck The Hudes Tarot (#160487176347) US $22.20
Quick shipping, much appreciated. Buyer: lionclaw258 ( 42)   Oct-30-10 21:57

Vintage Cub Scouts Knife BSA Camillus New York (#160488644626) US $11.50
Good easy purchase A+ Buyer: paul309209 ( 51)   Oct-30-10 02:18
PC Game Dune 2000 Westwood Studios Original Big Box (#160486943757) US $9.99
everything as said, awsome Buyer: manworks ( 27)   Oct-29-10 11:21

Zippo Lighter Plain Silver Finish (#160492899483) US $12.99 
transaction complete, everything fine. thanks Buyer: kazkas001 ( 17315)   Oct-25-10 17:54

Vintage Western Boulder Pocket Knife (#160492895481) US $14.99  
very pleased fast shipper Buyer: easymoneyron ( 341)   Oct-25-10 16:38
PC Game Quake 4 Special Edition DVD Like New (#160490538744) US $9.99
Thanks, for fast delivery! Item in good condition! Smooth transaction!! Buyer: madboy.0722 ( 23)   Oct-23-10 02:01
  Skeleton Bone Hand Ceramic Bowl Halloween Party Decor (#160473251187) US $22.00Great transaction! Highly recommend seller! THANK YOU! Buyer: maggiemaebell ( 5543)   Oct-22-10 14:10
Tarot Card Deck The Thoth Tarot Aleister Crowley 1972 (#160490532471) US $27.82good service ! Buyer: zoltan2401 ( 16)   Oct-20-10 13:33
Streetwise 600k Volt Stun Gun Rechargeable Light Alarm (#160478426821) US $69.74
Great buyer!!! Fast Payment!! Wonderful to deal with. Thank you!!! :) Seller: iona847 ( 1134)   Oct-17-10 17:28
  -- (#110589149591) --
A++++++++++++++++++++++++++! Buyer: hugotoro ( 500)   Oct-15-10 11:37

New Mens Boat Shoes Maui Surf Raft Black (#160483376019) US $58.63  
Shoes received as described! Thank You! Fast Shipping, great seller!!! Buyer: kylescho ( 76)   Oct-14-10 22:02
PC Game Duke Nukem 3D Plutonium Pack 1996 Big Box (#160487240141) US $10.49
quick and easy transaction Very Happy Ty Buyer: necridpopsicle ( 243)   Oct-14-10 18:38
Autographed Packers Mini Helmet Signed Brett Favre COA (#160484951153) US $99.95
fast and very effective selleer, perfect mahalos! Buyer: jai9686 ( 393)   Oct-12-10 23:17

Digital Camera 14MP Wide Optical GE X5 New In Box (#160473631971) US $178.88  
Great product Buyer: igottem619 ( 44)   Oct-12-10 20:34

PC Game Diablo 1997 Like New Big Box (#160482905717) US $9.99  
Very good communication, item very good,very fast shipping thank you !! Buyer: paco666_pc ( 71)   Oct-12-10 12:59

Green Bay Packers Super Bowl 31 Mini Helmet (#160484938271) US $76.00  
very good service perfect, and fast thank you Buyer: jai9686 ( 393)   Oct-11-10 13:51
very fast shipping!! nice product! diffrent belt than the picture shows tho.. Buyer: vogtis1 ( 10)   Jan-24-11 12:39

Expert Gamer Issue 86 August 2001 Zelda, Twisted Metal (#160525942265) US $8.00  
Good item. Quick shipment. Buyer: 666femto ( 285)   Jan-15-11 17:10
Adult Full Body Lycra Spandex Batman Cosplay Costume (#160521893131) US $97.88
SHips unbelieveably fast. Buyer: mgalusick ( 114)   Jan-12-11 09:10

Full Body Lycra Spandex Zentai Batman Cosplay Costume (#160509122447) US $97.88  
Fast service great product!!! Buyer: warfighter101 ( 75)   Dec-31-10 17:33

Full Body Lycra Spandex Zentai Batman Cosplay Costume (#160509122447) US $86.00  
Awesome service.... Great product... Buyer: gsxr10001000 ( 82)   Dec-22-10 22:41

Las Vegas Casino Sundance $5 Poker Chip Out of Print (#160468725724) US $4.50  
GREAT EBAY SELLER THANKS ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Buyer: neogakid ( 1849)   Dec-20-10 05:20
Christmas Nativity Kids 4/6 Fancy Dress Up Costume Set (#160513007979) US $203.00
A++++++ Seller, Item as described and very quick shipipng!!!!!!! THANK YOU Buyer: randrmoore42601 ( 361)   Dec-11-10 19:17

Playstation 2 Final Fantasy X Black Label Sealed (#160502878814) US $60.00  
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There are many more that were left for me in email messages, but I think that is more than enough to get the idea across.  So now you know that when you buy from me, you are not just making a purchase, you are making a connection with quality communication and service done with the true Spirit of Aloha!
Thanks for reading, I know it's a long one this week, but I feel it needed to be done.
Until next week, everyone, Many Blessings for Lots of Sales this coming week.  Aloha for now. 

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Reader Comments  (16)

twysp2 | July 27th 2011 at 1311780463

Hi surprised that a clerk in Hawaii would be so snippy with your wanting to purchase...and especially since you could go across the street. I think I would give her feedback through her boss....I think he would like to know. Your feedback is great...I did not read all of them. Blessing back to you!
Paws4Critters Pet Stuff
Paws4Critters Pet Stuff | July 27th 2011 at 1311781662

Great reminder to everyone! Also, try to be courteous to everyone & put your bad day behind you because you don't know the day they have had. Your kind words might be the brightest part of their day.

Your story, however, sounds like almost every trip I make to Walmart. I had them argue a coupon with me because the picture didn't match the redesigned package. The new pkg used one word which was the synonym of the word on the coupon... The words were trash & garbage. They had to call mgmt & then the coupon processing dept... seriously, I kid you not. After that day, they stopped carrying the Hefty Tall Kitchen Trash Bags the coupon referred to. It took abt a year for them to start carrying them again.
Tuckerstuff | July 27th 2011 at 1311782606 - in reply to twysp2

I know! They just opened a little over a year ago, too! You'd think they'd be falling head over heels to keep business coming in. I might call to complain, I might not; I'm pretty much over it at this point. I just won't give them anymore business. The other store I normally go to has always been much friendlier and welcoming.
Tuckerstuff | July 27th 2011 at 1311784112 - in reply to paws4critters

OMG, for Wal-Mart, that's too funny. Wal-Mart got too big for their britches, too. I bet poor Sam is rolling in his grave.
Fredrick Nijm
Fredrick Nijm | July 27th 2011 at 1311787154

I don't shop in Walmart anymore. If I go, I go to Target (the french way to say it) Tarjayyyy. LOL
Thank you for sharing this real long blog with us lol
Tuckerstuff | July 27th 2011 at 1311789679 - in reply to Fredrick_Nijm

I don't get to the corporate chains too much anymore. We have a Wal-Mart, Target, K-Mart, Costco, and all those other big chain stores in Kailua Kona, but that's about a 60 mile drive from my location, so I pretty much stick with whatever I can find in the two little community stores here in my home community, except for the one I just wrote about. lol.
beachcats_bargains | July 27th 2011 at 1311789726

NO Walmart shopping for me! Can't stand to go there!! That WAS a long blog...great feedback! When do you sleep!?! :)
Tuckerstuff | July 27th 2011 at 1311790109 - in reply to beachcats_bargains

I go on about 3 hours a day anymore. I have a coffee I.V. going 24/7.
no photo
Lori | July 27th 2011 at 1311821030

Rarely do i let the poor customer service ge the best of me. Its also food chains. LOL. I just remembered a few weeks ago. After a very long day of running errands, tending to family members, appointments, everything we always do... we were tired, it was hot, we were hungry with another 30 mile drive to home. Decided to grab a bucket of fried chicken to take home. They actually told us we would have to wait 20 minutes for them to fry up a MIXED they only had dark rolling ready. Um, ok. We pull up and park and wait. 30 minutes, no chicken. 45 minutes, no chicken. People are grabbing orders drive thru and inside right and left and we still sit. Girls go in and check and are told, it will be another 20 minutes. They came and told me and I said, UM, excuse me? Did the chicken have to mature before being slaughtered and fried too? Go get our money back. They spun with determined smiles and said YES MAM! Got the money back and told the clerks, this is totally unacceptible and rude. Then turned to the customers and told them, if you want anything other than dark chicken, it will be ready in 20 minutes, WE waited over an hour and just got our money back, held up the money in the air and walked out the restaurant. I laughed. Ran thru Wendys drive thru and was done in 10 minutes with smiling laughing employees there. Hmmmmm.
Digital Designs and More
Digital Designs and More | July 28th 2011 at 1311850939

Customer service is what brings folks back, and I agree there are stores I refuse to go to simply because of the lack of good customer service. Great blog and it sets the mind to thinking Am I doing all I can do to service my customers. I think I am.
Tuckerstuff | July 28th 2011 at 1311851370

What a trip, Lori, that's too much. No wonder people are gravitating more and more to buying off the internet. It doesn't seem to be worth the hassle to go to hardly any brick and mortar business anymore, unless it is a small town, family run business like the old days.
Linda Jordan
Linda Jordan | July 28th 2011 at 1311853579

Great post Thomas! A good reminder for us always to be on point when dealing with the public. And you never know who is watching (or reading) past feedbacks for insight!
Donna's Stuff & More
Donna's Stuff & More | July 28th 2011 at 1311854984

Customer service has to be #1 to keep customers coming!
Pacesetter | July 28th 2011 at 1311861340

Nice job making it thru the idiot scenario at the gas station store and keeping your head up with the Aloha happiness :) Great Feedback!
buyzjewelry | July 28th 2011 at 1311869612

Nice idea, as usual
no photo
Joyceb | July 28th 2011 at 1311904932

That was a good lesson in what not to do. I've always believed the customer is right, even when they are wrong and customer service is a mark for or against a business.

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