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Washington Times Reports China's Cheap Fake Replicas Are Toxic Poison

Washington Times Reports China's Cheap Fake Replicas Are Toxic Poison
So you still want that "Cheap Fake Replica Louis Vuitton Handbag" or the "Wholesale Cheap Replica Coach Bag" from China for a third of the price of the original?  This hurts everyone involved in more ways than one when you purchase these types of non-authentic products.
First of all, don't we owe enough money to China as it is?  Did you know that every dollar spent in America today, 40% of it is owed to China?
Second, none of the workers who make these products are paid a fair wage for their work, and are not regulated by labor laws or safety officials, so many of them are little kids working in over-polluted, over-populated districts and might get something to eat out of it if they are lucky.
Thirdly, these types of products are known for their toxic dyes and harmful chemicals used in processing the fabrics.  I know of two people on Facebook who have told me about their experiences in receiving items that appeared to be covered in battery acid, and a couple of other horror stories about strange smelling products, and all sorts of nightmarish stories.  Sure, some of them might be okay, but it is still dangerous nonetheless, and many sites do not allow them to be sold at all.
Here is an Official Report from The Washington Times that will tell you more about it:

So the next time you are considering that wonderful looking "Fake Cheap Hot Selling Replica Birkin Bag", and getting all those comments on it, think about the long term health effects and the kids that suffered in making it for you, so you could get it for a third the cost compared to an Authentic, Licensed Product.  Are you really that cheap?  Buy Authentic, Buy American, and if you can, buy from a small independent merchant, like me and many other of my fellow merchants here on Addoway.  Keep your country clean, safe, and in the money.  We're broke enough without funds being diverted for products that are less than quality.  Thank you.

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BeewitchingItems | November 17th 2011 at 1321569418

I don't usually read more than one blog per person, but his one caught my eyes and I read it and agree wholeheartedly. Our idiotic government just gave about 4 billion dollars to China, why? Who knows. I always look at the label. Thanks for the blog | November 17th 2011 at 1321571682

I think everyone is pretty clear on how I feel. I had not thought of the toxic dyes, but it doesn't surprise me. Witness the deadly pet food of a couple of years ago. I do not understand why our government allows it. Oh, and Bee, $2-M of that $4-B to China was to study whores and their consumption of alcohol (or maybe that was last year). Anyway, WHAT??????
Donna's Stuff & More
Donna's Stuff & More | November 17th 2011 at 1321572711

Wonder where you got that blog idea? ;-D Good write-up, Thomas!
Tuckerstuff | November 17th 2011 at 1321581508 - in reply to DonnasStuffMore

Thank you, Donna, as you can see, this is one thing I am quite passionate about. Thanks so much for sharing the article yesterday. Hopefully, it will get the message out there and make people realize what's going on. Some of the sellers may not know about the details.

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