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All The Comforts of Home From A Mother's Love For Her Son

I cannot even begin to describe the last two weeks of my home life to you, and the ups and downs of life are sure amazing experiences sometimes.  It's funny, though, how sometimes during our highest "up" moments in life, we fail to see the Blessings and Angels that walk and exist among us.  Perhaps that is why we must experience some major downturns in our constantly evolving and revolving lives, for it is only then that we realize the true kindness of others.
Lori at Wild Rags Store is one of the Angels that walk among us, and I am Blessed to have met her in my life through Networking on Addoway's social network of merchants.  Yes, I sell online, and yes I have thousands of items listed between four different free selling sites, but that does not mean buyers and people are scooping them up, nor am I rich by any ways or means.
Catsmom Storefront here on Addoway is another one; Addowayers are not just a bunch of merchants trying to compete with each other, they are an online community of friends who pull together to help others in need.
I am hoping, however, to become a successful online seller of goods to the point where I can do it full time from home.  Recently unemployed, my current needs well exceeds my profit margin.  I am only saying this because I want you to know that when you buy from me, you are not putting money into the pockets of corporate conglomerates or feeding the Big Pig.  You are helping me put food on my table and dog and cat food in my pet dishes for my dogs, and my one Siamese cat.
No generator meant no power, and no power meant no business could be conducted, items ordered, emails checked, and no Facebook, can you imagine?  I told my Sister, who is also on Facebook, about my dilemma, and she told my Mom (who is not on Facebook).  Well, my Mom sent me a Postal Money order, and here's the story of my Friday journey:
Well, today I went to Kona and picked up a new generator, and being without a car due to lack of funds for a new starter, it meant backpacking it and pavement pounding.  I packed my backpack with my camera which I very rarely take with me on "walkabouts" (I usually mean to and forget most times) and headed out the door at 5:30 a.m. because there is one bus that goes from Ocean View (where I am) to Kailua Kona (where the generator was) at that time in the morning and it is a 50 mile drive-or hitching journey in my case-so I did not want to miss it, and it is a 3 mile walk for me from where I live just to get to the bus stop, which usually takes about an hour to walk if nobody stops to pick me up.  At that time of the morning here in Ocean View, there is NO traffic moving on the streets.6579494339_d19b6f86a0_z.jpgThis is the first thing I saw when I started my morning journey.  Hibiscus before sunrise.6579485427_573a055c47_z.jpgThe Same Hibiscus tree just as the sky was turning light.  Approximately 6 a.m. and a sudden breeze kicked up just as I snapped the shot and caused a blurry picture, but I like it because of that and decided to keep it.6579479109_ecedc43336_z.jpg
  At the bus stop on time.  When the bus arrived, it was then I found out that it was no longer free to ride.  They now charged $1.00 to get on.  Would you believe I did not have $1.00 on me?  I told the driver, "sorry, I don't have a buck," and picked up my backpack to turn and step back off, but a Marshall Island lady pulled out a dollar and handed it to me.  This was the beginning of a day full of Blessings from Angels among us. The shot above was taken just before the sun peaked over the mountain of Mauna Loa way off in the distance.  Good Morning and Aloha Friday Sunshine!6579491361_05204cc65d_z.jpg
This used to be a real Lighthouse way back in the day, but has been converted to a business now known as Light Haus Camera.  This is on a street-Palani Road-I had to walk down to get to the Post Office because my Mom had sent a Postal Money Order.  When I got there, I was the first customer of the day.  I showed them the money order and they told me to come back at noon because they start their tills with limited cash.  Hmmm, oh well, off I go to figure out what to do to kill 4 or five hours.
I decided to walk to Lowe's to see what they had in stock, about a 2 mile walk from the Post Office.  They did not have the Generac that was recommended to me, but they did have a Generac for a good deal.
I walked back down to the Post Office and decided to wait it out.  Being tired from lack of sleep due to researching and listing some recently acquired inventory the night before, I sat down on a bench near the Post Office in a nice spot in the shade overlooking the Ocean Front:6579528169_83296c3a9b_z.jpgWell, I fell asleep on the bench for about 45 minutes and was awakened by a security guard with a clip board.  I was treated like a homeless miscreant for about five minutes as he went into a standard "You cannot sleep here" speech that is given to transients.  Once I informed him I was just waiting for the Post Office to cash a Postal Money Order, he was cool and put away his clipboard and told me to have a good day and try to stay awake.  Okay.
I checked the time on my phone; it was 10:30 a.m.  I decided to see if they could do anything yet with my Postal Money Order even though it was still early.  They did, they cashed a partial amount so I could get some cash and told me to come back later to redeem the rest and issued me a new Postal Money Order with the Balance Due.
Something I haven't done in months; I went to Wendy's for lunch and pigged out like a madman with the Super Triple Deluxe Triple Cheeseburger Combo with the Extra Large Fries and Drink, with an extra large Vanilla Frosty on the side.
I still did not have what I needed to purchase the generator but I did have enough to get some essential supplies that I was low on, so back to Wal-Mart I walked, approximately another mile or so.

6579548505_f6925cb908_z.jpgThe walk to Wal-Mart from the Post Office: Follow the White Concrete Road.  There was a crooked Sidewalk that nobody used.  Our local tax dollars at work.  They went for aesthetics over functionality here.  Everyone I see walking this way still walk in a straight line across the grass.6579537197_8ded401ecd_z.jpg
My Surfah Brand Backpack Is Really Packed!
6579482343_f4256696b7_z.jpgSugar and Salt for the Road.  This was a Heavenly treat.  I still had some time to kill and thought about going into Borders Books And Music, but decided against it because I knew I would end up spending more money if I did that.  I am compulsive when it comes to books.
I walked back to the Post Office instead.  Another Mile or so down.  Finally, it was about 12:15.  Cashed the rest of the Money Order, and was ready to start my trek.  I could've saved myself a lot of time if I had called some of the businesses that I had to walk to in order to find out if they had the generator I wanted in stock, but I could not remember the names of the places; I only knew their locations, so a walk all over town ended up being the case, as each business I needed to visit was separated by a mile or more, scattered across town.
I wanted to check other places before I walked back to Lowe's, so I went to HPM, a local Home Improvement Store that used to sell them.  Not anymore.  That was about 3 miles walking.  That put me in the Kailua Kona "Old Industrial" area, though, where all those types of businesses are pretty much on the same street.
So down Industrial Avenue I go, known as Kaiwi Street.  A place called Allied Mechanical sells them, but they were out of stock.  They had a Yamaha that was nice, but I was about $178 too short for that one.
Next up, Ace Hardware.  Does not sell generators.  This is something Ace should maybe look into selling if they would like to increase their local profit margin.  they were very kind in assisting me, though, and one of the associates told me that the new Sears Showroom Floor sells them right down on the corner a couple blocks further down.  Cool, finally I can get one and get back home.6579520901_e7f887b425_z.jpgThis is the "new" Sears Showroom Floor in the "Old Industrial Park" of Kailua Kona, Hawaii.  Notice the Yellow Gate at the bottom of the stairs leading up?6579517019_9194286a58_z.jpg
Well, it's not a gate, it's a pedestrian blockade.  I climbed over it and went on up anyway.6579513027_2198d03474_z.jpgThere was another one at the top.  Looked like the business was closed when I got up there and looked through the windows.  Doors were locked and place was deserted.
That was it, the last place to check.  I felt I had no choice but to go with the one I first saw at Lowe's.  So, I hiked back to Lowe's from the Industrial area, which was another 3 miles, maybe.  I get to Lowe's and when the associate is assisting me with the generator I noticed a "No Return", "No Warranty" Sticker on it.  I asked her what that was there for.  She said it was a display model being closed out and had never been used except for display purposes. I asked her how she knew that for sure because flags came up in my mind.  She said the tag would have a different marking or message if it had ever been previously sold or returned.  They offered to take an extra $130 off the price, so I said okay because I was desperate and it seemed too good a deal to pass up.
Another associate (thank God for this guy! I wish I had gotten his name) suddenly materialized out of nowhere and told the other two associates getting it off the shelf that "that generator is not to be sold, it is going back to the manufacturer and has been returned four times in the last two weeks by customers."  Jaw agape, I thanked the guy profusely and promptly left.
At this point, there was only one place left unsearched.  The Kaloko Industrial Area, also known as the "New Industrial" amongst locals, and I was hoping to avoid having to try to hitch hike there because it was another 10 miles or so outside of town.  Also, he day was waning on and getting close to the time when businesses start closing for the day.  I needed phone numbers at this point, so back to Wal-Mart to check numbers in the phone book at the phone booth there which was right across the street from Lowe's.6579508201_f972034efb_z.jpgWhile there, I managed to capture a random shot of a stranger's cute little dog. He went poop in the parking lot and her lady owner picked it up with a paper towel and disposed of it in the garbage can.  I thought that was nice.6579505025_5d2cb6a826_z.jpgI got the number for Home Depot and another place I had done business with before but not for a generator, called the Farm and Garden Store.  I did know they sold generators, though, so I got their number, too.  Home Depot was a no go.  Costco in the same area was a no go.
Last but not least, and best of all, The Farm And Garden Store.  I called them and they did not have the Generac's.  Lowe's, Home Depot, Costco, and HPM can all get them, but they are all special order and I could not wait.
They did, however, have some Honda EU's in stock; they had the Honda 1000, the Honda 2000 (that's the one that died on me), and the Honda 3000 EU Inverters, which are the best on the market, and are worth the extra cost in my opinion, which is almost double most competitors.  You just cannot go wrong with them, though.  The Honda 2000 price was too much for me, but I had enough for the Honda 1000.  I do not usually run more than my PC and a couple lamps at any given time.  I've learned how to cut back on electricity usage, that's for sure.  I have Propane stove and fridge, the super economy light bulbs, so I figued the 1000 would be enough for my needs.  He quoted me a price of $885 out the door after tax for the Honda 1000.  It was a good deal compared to internet prices, and I had enough.  I asked him what time they closed.  4:30 p.m.  I checked the time on my phone.  3:23 p.m.
As a Hitch Hiker, you have to make major time configurations, and this was a tough one.  From Wal-Mart to good spot on highway where people could pull over safely: about 10 minutes.
I had about 45 minutes to make a 20 minute drive, except I was on foot with my stuffed backpack full of coffee and dog food.  Based on my calculations, I figured if nobody stopped to pick me up by 4 p.m. going that way, then it was not meant to be.  A guy stopped and picked me up.  Asked where I was going and I told him where I was going, and I had to pick up a "part" that I desperately needed at home, and I had to make it by 4:30 or I was screwed.  He was like, "Yeah, I know where that place is, hop on in, I'll take ya there."  Cool.
We got there, and as I got out, he said he had to run up to Home Depot real quick, but would come back to pick me up if I was headed back the other way, which I was-about 59 miles south that way with a new generator in hand, but there is a bus that goes that way, and is the last public bus going that way until the next morning.  It usually picks up about 4:30 pm.  Time was tight, but I completed the transaction, the guy came back from Home Depot and scooped me up, and he dropped me off at the bus stop right at 4:30 p.m. even.  There were only two people there when there should've been at least 15.  Not a good sign.  Turns out, I missed the bus, and the other two people were bummed, too.
So there I was on the side of the highway with a generator and my thumb out for a ride to a long way back home.  47 miles to go.  The only thing I was concerned about was the weather number one, and how many rides it was gonna take to get to where I needed to go.  Sometimes I get four or five rides from different people only going short distances, and I have to stand for about 20 minutes or longer between each ride depending on "drop-off" location, and hitch-hiking with a new generator wasn't jiving with me too well, either.  To top it all off, the weather wasn't looking good, like major rain all of a sudden:
6579523989_91ff7cef34_z.jpgStorm Brewing on the Mountain.  And me on the highway with my backpack and generator.6579475313_0900d57cb9_z.jpgSee the Sign on the Wall?  This is property for sale overlooking the ocean.  Storm brewing on the Hualalai Mountain in the background.
I stood there on the side of the highway and it did start to sprinkle rain a little bit.  For fear of getting water inside my brand new generator, I took off my jacket and covered it up, and stood there in the rain in my short sleeve shirt.  I did not stand too long, although my feet were lead on my legs at this point and five minutes felt like forever, when someone pulled over.  Upon approaching the car, I saw that it was a beautiful Hawaiian girl, and with a wonderful smile asked where I was headed, I told her Ocean View, I live out there and trying to get home.  She lived Ocean View, too, so she said hop on in, and get out of that rain.  She was very kind and full of true Aloha and Spirit and we had a very nice chat along the way.  It was so nice to have a single ride the whole way, too, that was the best part.
6579476583_864a67af82_z.jpgOn the way home with her, I managed to capture this shot from the car as we drove along of the sun peeking out from behind the clouds just before it touched with the ocean.
She dropped me off at the Local Shopping Center in Ocean View, and I called my ex-wife (we are still friends although she has her own place, now) and she came and picked me up and gave me a ride home to my house.
I am now officially disconnected from my neighbor and no longer begging to borrow electricity.  I am home, hooked up, and running smooth, thanks to a Mother's Love For Her Son In a Time Of Desperate Need, with about $8 left to spare, not counting any sales that may be coming in.

6579488135_b2e8917d5e_z.jpgVery Christmassy, huh?6579501617_a99663aeef_z.jpgBefore I plugged in for the first time.  I am home.  I am online. And I Thank You, Mom, For Your Mother's Love For Her Son, and I am sending a Son's Love Back To Mom, even if you aren't on Facebook, This blog's for you and for all the Angels walking and networking among us, including family, personal friends, and acquaintances, and this is my trip into Kona 9/23/2011.
Now all I need is a new water pump and a starter for my car, and a new Hot Water Heater.  Oh well, time will tell, and I hope you enjoyed reading.  I am now specializing in vintage collectibles, crafts and sewing patterns, paper ephemera, and more!  Simply click on the banner below to visit my shop: 

iusb_760x100.12681698_arnd.jpg And know that when you buy from me, you are you are feeding a poor, struggling single man just trying to make a name for himself, and I appreciate and welcome all of your business and patronage with the true Spirit of Aloha from Hawaii, U.S.A.
Aloha and Maholo Nui Loa.

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Reader Comments  (30)

buyzjewelry | September 24th 2011 at 1316863389

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this! Cheers to your Mom! I think you might like a movie called "Into the Wild". Have you seen it?
Tuckerstuff | September 24th 2011 at 1316866092 - in reply to buyzjewelry

Thanks so much, buyzjewelry, this one really came from the heart. | September 24th 2011 at 1316869676

Angels! They walk among us. Congratulations on the new generator. Especially thankful for the man at Lowes who stopped you walking out with a lemon generator and the young lady who gave you a ride all the way home. How wonderful.
no photo
britches | September 24th 2011 at 1316876756

what a wonderful blog post! Congratulations on your new generator and thank you for sharing your journey to pick it up!
Ayuni Gifts of the World
Ayuni Gifts of the World | September 24th 2011 at 1316877152

and don't forget the man who came back to pick you up after he went to Home Depot - wonderful to have such kind strangers!
no photo
Lori at Wild Rags Place | September 24th 2011 at 1316886559

Oh Mr Thomas, I am in tears. God is awesome. People that still have compassion, caring, good karma, helping, smiling, hugging, sharing. THANK YOU for allowing me to participate in this true blessing and wonderfully written true story part of your journey in life. No matter how large or small, helping our neighbors (even if we are a million miles apart) is how our founding Fathers (and Mothers!) lived their lives day in and day out. Those spoken little words, Hang in there man, we are fixing to move mountains... now help tell this story. God bless you and all of the angels along the journey. Our family here is so happy to hear that you are once again back on better footing to continue to move forward in a positive manner. Keep holding on and staying positive dude, you can do this! Happy happy happy tears. Hugs across the miles, soak and rub those aching feet for they walked a journey meant to walk and share with the world!
Tuckerstuff | September 24th 2011 at 1316905983 - in reply to buyzjewelry

Yes, buyzjewelry, I have seen that movie. Good movie, but I am still not too sure what that guy's real mentality was for what he did. I understand the why's, but he was totally unprepared to live the way he was thinking he could. I kind of feel that it was just a long trip into suicide rather than spiritual development. One I enjoyed much better was a book and a movie made starring Nick Nolte entitled "The Peaceful Warrior". The book is entitled, "The Way of the Peaceful Warrior". If you haven't, you should check it out when you can.
Indizona Variety
Indizona Variety | September 24th 2011 at 1316906705

It reminds me of my first years of adult life and living on my own when I did not even OWN a vehicle. I had to walk to work... walk to the store... to the bank... to the power company.... (I didn't have a bank account either, so I walked to every place to pay my bills, which was just the landlord and the power company.) I don't miss those days walking all over in the hot desert, LOL!! What an adventure you had and you are a story teller for sure!
Enchanted Jewelry & Collectibles
Enchanted Jewelry & Collectibles | September 24th 2011 at 1316924522

I'll bet that once you got home, plugged that generator in and turned it on that evening was one of the best in your life! So glad that things are starting to turn around for you Thomas!!
Tuckerstuff | September 24th 2011 at 1316930069 - in reply to EnchantedJewelry

You got that right! Stiff as a board today, though, just taking it easy. Thank you!
Paws4Critters Pet Stuff
Paws4Critters Pet Stuff | September 25th 2011 at 1317010802

WOW... I feel like I took that trip with you. I'm exhausted! LOL Great pics... OK, the pic of the zig zaggy sidewalk... I know why people walk in a straight line thru the grass... if they don't, they'll get dizzy! The hibiscus is cool, as is the lighthouse. I know you said there was a storm brewing, but hmmm, I would have thought Hawaii had pretty skies. Must have been the storm. Pepsi! tsk-tsk, Thomas... Coke is it! Maybe (coke) I (coke) can (coke) give (coke) you (coke) subliminal (coke) messages (coke) and (coke) you (coke) will (coke) buy (coke) the (coke) right (coke) one (coke) next (coke) time (coke)! ;) LOL

See, now look at how things work... you lost your job, your car broke down, then your generator went out. Someone could say you had a bit of bad luck. Not really. Although you didn't see it before with each problem arising, you had great fortune. You were shown people are still good, angels still walk among us, you took time to "smell the roses" and take pictures along the way and then, you shared your amazing journey/experience with everyone... a testament to one man's ability to overcome whatever is thrown at him. An inspiration. :)

btw, that generator looks teensy... that can power your house? second wow!

I's say God bless ya, but it looks like he already has. So, may God continue to bless you... Robyn
Lori L. Johnson
Lori L. Johnson | September 26th 2011 at 1317083513

Very well said Paws Robyn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fredrick Nijm
Fredrick Nijm | September 27th 2011 at 1317165026

Oh wow, I already read this one and actually thought I commented, but someone it looks like I missed it. Lovely post and it actually feels like we went on the adventure with you. Great job and thank you for sharing.
Brian J Wood
Brian J Wood | September 27th 2011 at 1317165148

WTG Mom and seeing that generator pic at your place made my day Thomas. I liked the part about Addowayers and angels among us. Makes me proud to know I am in the online midst of a group of great people
Tuckerstuff | September 27th 2011 at 1317165983 - in reply to paws4critters

Sorry, (Pepsi), I'm (Pepsi) a (Pepsi) freak (Pepsi) when (Pepsi) there (Pepsi) is (Pepsi) no Coffee (Coffee Coffee Coffee) handy (Coffee Coffee Coffee), so (Pepsi Coffee) you'll (Pepsi Coffee) just (Coffee Pepsi) have (Pepsi Coffee) to (Coffee Pepsi) live (Coffee Coffee Coffee) with (Pepsi) it (Pepsi Coffee Pepsi).
Thanks so much, Robyn! Yes, the 1,000 watts is good enough for my computer and three lamps, which is about all I use anyway. With propane stove and fridge, there isn't really any appliances I have to worry about. I just can't use stuff like coffee makers and hair dryers anymore. But I have a stove top Percolator for my Coffee Coffee Coffee.
Tuckerstuff | September 27th 2011 at 1317166046 - in reply to Fredrick_Nijm

That's okay, Fredrick, just get well soon.
Tuckerstuff | September 27th 2011 at 1317166131 - in reply to Brian_J_Wood

Thanks, Brian! I used to keep a journal of sorts when I followed the Grateful Dead, so I kinda knew how I wanted it to look and feel like a journey. Thanks for the awesome comment!
Tuckerstuff | September 27th 2011 at 1317166184 - in reply to Brian_J_Wood

Still working on adding links to it, so as to give credit where credit is due for those fellow merchants here who pulled together to help me out.
DMedicineWoman | September 27th 2011 at 1317167127

So glad you ended up w/the Honda. I used to be off grid here, and burnt out a couple generators before smartening up. They cost more, but ya' get what ya' pays for, for sure! And so it seems, things here are either meant to be or not. Glad it all worked out!
Royal Presence
Royal Presence | September 27th 2011 at 1317167162

You are very strong with a persevering faith :-)
Gens Variety
Gens Variety | September 27th 2011 at 1317168254

Thomas reading that just made me think of my mom more. It also makes you realize just how much family means not to mention friendships whether they are in person or online. I'm so glad things worked out for you!
LatinaTurk | September 27th 2011 at 1317178642

Thomas Thomas Thomas...
Tuckerstuff | September 27th 2011 at 1317179071 - in reply to turkishmarket-usa

Yes, turkish?
LouieTheSeller | September 28th 2011 at 1317221022

Thank You for sharing such a wonderful story (though, I wish you weren't going through this)

The pictures complimented the storyline very well. It made it feel like I was there with you.

Glad everything is coming together for you.

Your Friend,
Donna's Stuff & More
Donna's Stuff & More | September 28th 2011 at 1317225855

Hope things continue to improve for you, Thomas. Yes, Moms do come through!
no photo
BeewitchingItems | September 28th 2011 at 1317246122

I read the whole thing and waited and watched with you. God is good and so are mothers, you are blessed and I sure am glad that you finally got your generator!!
ThatPlace | October 8th 2011 at 1318123290

Wow, wonderful that you shared this. Sometimes, just when we almost feel like giving up...the angels (including your mom) are always there to help us out.
Thank you for sharing your awesome pictures with us too!!
Right I read this, and you see my know don't you? Angels are right there with you, and your Mom is too even if it is in thought :)
no photo
Linda Kelly Lee | December 26th 2011 at 1324936502

Thomas, I think you are missing your calling. You should be a writer. I rarely read blogs all the way through but I could not stop reading this one. Oh my, my feet hurt just reading your adventure. Top of the line writing. God bless your mother and you.
Tuckerstuff | December 26th 2011 at 1324938304

Wow! Thank you ever so much, Linda Kelly Lee, that is so nice of you. Don't know why the pictures are not showing, but I will fix it later today. Got some other stuff to do first.
no photo
Wanda Card | December 27th 2011 at 1324986018

Such a beautiful story. It brought tears to my eyes remembering how my Mom used to come to my rescue many times. Although, she is deceased it brought such wonderful memories. God Bless you Thomas and may 2012 be your most successful year in online selling.

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