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Have You Pronounced At Least Once the Brand Name Right?

It is totally embarrassing when you are in a discussion for wearing an comfort women activewear or beautiful dress of Erdem Moralioglu or Nicolas Ghesquière and you cannot even pronounce its name. Don’t get nervous as you are not the only one who suffers from this syndrome. There are a number of celebrities who make a total mess of the designer names. But why are the names so complicated?

It is not that every brand name gets you in a cringing state while pronouncing. You may be comfortable in using simple names from any brand, say from the United States of America. Brands like Calvin Klein or The Row are quite easy to pronounce as you are used to the language of English. However, when it comes to brands such as Louis Vuitton (French brand) or Gucci (an Italian brand) which hail from different countries, the intonation will obviously be diverse because of the dialect they speak.

If you are a fashion icon, the first trick that you can use is dig a little more about the brand instead of just the name. The next step is to pronounce it the way the countrymen do. Get the knack of liaison words or letters. Keep looking for words that have similar elocution. Learn the basics of that country’s language.

Watch videos to understand how they twist their tongue and mouth. And then at the last step, bring that audacity in you to phonate it right at the first bang. Practice until you pronounce without faltering. If you have the grace to poise such beautiful and amazing brands, tighten up your tongue and speak the name with the same aplomb. Respect the brand and designers by getting their name right because they are the ones who can pull a lot of attention to your name.

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