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the Jeanne Pool

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Member Since:  Jun 2011
Greetings from my rustic cottage by the sea, incubating center for the Jeanne Pool.
Space limitations dictate that only a small portion of DNA be confined to these four walls
but voluminous inventory is situated in satellite locations including:
The Inner Moose Cottage - Highlands, NC
Flamingo Flats/The Transitional Home for Buoyant Spirits - Don Pedro Island, FL
Le Ney - Richmond, VA
Loco Groovy - Lake of the Woods, VA
Not Your Mama's - Whiteville, NC
which is to say that I have some very tolerant friends and family...(kinda,sorta)
as well as one hellacious climate-controlled storage bill. (paid to a nasty ogre)
Which is why the Jeanne Pool, dedicated to making the world a little better place for having been here, is now embarking on the 365 Daze of the Late Great Planet Earth Yard Sale!
Proceeds will benefit a series of life-changing projects, too many to be named in a space so limited. Join me in the madness!
We only have 365 days!!
"365 days and DONE!"
Name:365 Days of the Late Great Planet Earth Yard Sale
Location:Kure Beach, North Carolina
United States
Category:Everything Else
Since:Sep 2005