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The Fashion Corporation is an online destination for premiere fashion from around the world for our International Girl and Guy. Find amazing and unique pieces from every country. We also create close relationships with Designers to share their culture and rich designs with our shoppers. Ashley Yvonne, Head Programmer, Buyer and Creative Director, has an electrifying time traveling the globe to find the most breath taking pieces that harness the culture of a city. We live in the invigorating moment where the pieces we find are brought back, photographed and added to the site where our shopper has the opportunity to be captivated by the lifestyle and culture trapped in each piece. Most importantly, we love the way our shoppers feel amazing in that colorful bracelet from Tokyo, the sexy black dress from Italy, and the amazing hand painted clutch from Paris, that they can find all in one place, that is of course, on The Fashion Corporation.
"Chic Fashion From Around The World"
Name:The Fashion Corp
Location:Costa Mesa, California
United States
Category:Clothing, Shoes & Accessories
Since:Jan 2005