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Tanegashima Hamono

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Irrashaimase! Welcome to Tanegashima Hamono on Addoway, where you'll find our great range of hand-forged Japanese knives and scissors, at great prices.
Tanegashima Island lies south of the main islands of Japan and the edge tools crafted there are renowned for their beauty, utility and craftsmanship. The island's steel heritage goes all the way back to the samurai swords of the 12th century.
Tens of generations of craftsmen have passed on the time-honored methods and skills required for the forging of Tanegashima's beautiful "tane-bocho" knives and the astonishingly sharp "tanebasami" scissors, a signature product of the island since 1543.
"Finest Quality Hand Forged Knives, Scissors and Shears, direct from Japan."
Name:Tanegashima Hamono
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Since:Oct 2010