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Structural Design Calculations and Analysis

Do we really need a structural calculation? The answer to this is a big yes. As it is mainly part of the permit package. This is something legal side of this. Next if we discuss about what are the major things included in structural calculation. Not going in a detail, we can discuss some important aspects of structural calculation.

  • Gravity Loads

  • Section Properties

  • Allowable Stresses

  • Allowable Shear

  • Shearwall Panel Schedule

  • Timber Beam Design

  • Seismic Forces/Wind Forces

  • Floor Shearwall Diagram

  • Lateral Loads

  • Roof Diaphragm Design

  • Shearwall Design

  • Continuous Footing Design

A pre calculation about structural models is always helpful and mandatory. Structural design calculations has an important factor that is safety factor. To calculate safety factor we can use the formula

Factor of Safety= Material Strength/Design Load

structural design calculations

Structural Analysis

Structural Analysis depends upon two major factors

  • Classification of Structures

  • Loads

Classification of Structures

Combination of structural elements and materials. Structural elements are elements guiding through systemic forces through the materials.


After defining dimensional requirement, now it is necessary to define the loads. Building codes clearly specifies the design loading for a structure. There are two types of building codes through which a structural engineer needs to satisfy the requirements.

  • General Building Codes

  • Design Codes

The other categories that are included in structural analysis and are added further after structures and loads. They are

  • Analytical Method

  • Strength of materials method

  • Elasticity methods

  • Methods using numerical approximation

The whole process and methods are together use for structural analysis. The calculations depends upon how better the analysis is been done. Structural analysis and calculation can be termed as the most important part of engineering design of structures. The determination of structural elements and loads can be a called package of structural analysis process.

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