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In the condition of non disintegration (or only unloading of individual parts), the automobile technical condition is determined, and the inspection of the fault location and the cause is found out. Including the detection and diagnosis of automotive engine, vehicle chassis detection and diagnosis, the detection and diagnosis of automobile body and accessories as well as automobile exhaust pollutants and noise detection, etc..
Parameter determination of automobile fault diagnosis method
When the automobile fault diagnosis is carried out, it is usually used to characterize the technical state of the automobile, the assembly and the mechanism, such as the working process parameters of the automobile and the state parameters of the working process. These parameters have physical quantities (such as vibration, noise, temperature, vacuum, power, cylinder compression pressure, etc.) and chemical quantity (such as exhaust gas composition, lubricating oil impurities, etc.). The changes of these parameters can be related to the technical condition of the automobile, and it has a high degree of reliability, sensitivity and reliability. Evaluation of these parameters for the quantitative diagnosis, must establish the standard parameters, such as for vehicle safety and emissions standards, recommended standard factory manufacturing related technical conditions, and suitable for different regions and conditions of use of local and enterprise standards. [1]
Classification and editing of vehicle fault diagnosis method
There are two basic methods of car fault diagnosis: one is the artificial diagnosis, the other is the diagnostic method of the instrument and equipment. Artificial diagnosis is mainly based on the diagnosis of personnel of experience and knowledge, using simple tools, with the eyes, ears, Shoumo sensory means, edge inspection, edge test, edge analysis, and then make a judgment on the technical condition of vehicle. This method is simple and intuitive, and it is also the foundation of establishing the knowledge base of modern fault diagnosis expert system. Instrument and equipment diagnosis method is to use general or special equipment to detect automobile, assembly and mechanism, to provide quantitative basis for analyzing automobile technology condition and judging fault. Some computer control or configuration of fault diagnosis expert system can automatically complete the test, analysis, judgment and decision making. Objective, quantitative and rapid detection rate of the instrument and equipment, and promote the development and application of the vehicle diagnosis technology. In diagnostic practice, two methods are often used in combination, the first is asked to fault diagnosis of the driver, the vehicle visual experience view, preliminary judgment of fault diagnosis using equipment, and further screening and identification, the final confirmation of the fault. [2]
Significance of automobile fault diagnosis
Don't get the disintegration of automobile technology condition and fault information, for a normal car, is conducive to maintaining the normal technology state, reduce the inspection workload and collapse of the inspection on auto damage; fault for cars, more conducive to the diagnosis and identification of abnormal, for troubleshooting and countermeasures according to the diagnostic results can also be predicting and forecasting the future condition of vehicle.
Development trend of vehicle detection and diagnosis technology
The development trend of vehicle detection and diagnosis technology is:
The use of on-board computer, the vehicle fault diagnosis technology of continuous development and improvement, from the fault self diagnosis of electronic controlled engine gradually extended to include driving, braking, steering system, whole vehicle fault diagnosis;
Due to the application of sensor technology, control technology, fault analysis and recognition technology, artificial intelligence technology and equipment to the development of multi functions, automation, intelligent vehicle diagnostic equipment to diagnose the car, in addition to monitoring and fault diagnosis, fault processing instead of human experts, predict the development direction of vehicle technical condition is inevitable.
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