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Volkswagen Golf A6 rear windscreen wiper does not work

A Volkswagen Golf A6 hatchback sedan. The car rear windshield wipers does not work.

Check and analysis: connect with vas 5054a to check each control unit without any fault codes, enter the central electrical control unit to self-diagnosis rear wiper motor actuator, wiper motor does not operate, thereby means the fault point in the actuator or power and grounding, check the wiper motor control unit power supply and ground properly, finally try to change wiper motor control unit, the fault persists.
Into diagnostic idea predicament, suspect the control unit coding errors can also cause this failure, analyzed from the wiper control schematic diagram control works as follows: wiper switch signal is first passed to the steering column switch control module J527, via the CAN bus to the central electric control unit J519, and then control the wiper motor control unit J400 operation via the LIN line. Check the steering column control unit encoded as 12021, consult Volkswagen training lesson plans information, the final figures of J527 five coded "1" and "2" represent without rear window wiper and with rear window wiper three and hatchback sedan function, this vehicle is a hatchback sedan (with rear window wiper), normal coding should be 12022.
Troubleshooting: J527 re-coded to 12022, turn on the wiper switch electrical operation, work good, use vag vas 5054a to self-diagnosis no fault code, troubleshooting.
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