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Toyota JPN Taxi 2018 put into operation

Recently, Toyota officially announced a concept taxi design for the Japanese local, the new car was named JPN Taxi concept car. Compared to the previous concept taxi, the new car use more in line with production design elements, the car will be officially put into operation in April 2018, and served in 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics.
Appearance, we can see that the front face of the concept car uses Toyota family design, front air grille with mesh modeling, and equipped with chrome frame. Headlight group modeling simple, and use lens pinch headlight group, in addition the blue background LOGO in the center of grid prove that the car will be a hybrid model.
From side can see, as a model specifically for taxi industry, the new car roof design is very tall, the back door use sliding door design, convenient rear passengers get on and off, meanwhile the rear window glass area of the car is very large, is better meet passengers enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way.
In addition, the new car's chassis design is lower, which is to ensure that passengers with wheelchair can accessibility into the car. The rear part, the new car's rear full sense of lines, taillights group with vertical banner design, is expected to play a very good recognizable.
In power, this concept car after mass production will powered by the new LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) hybrid system, Toyota is currently still in research and development for this power system, expected this system in addition to have excellent emissions, will also have a certain life mileage.
In test, this concept car will still use TOYOTA IT2 with latest 2015.10 software version to diagnosis all the system. TOYOTA / Lexus DENSO Intelligent Tester2 is with Toyota and Suzuki diagnosis Card. We will give you SUZUKI diagnosis card too, which can let Intelligent Tester2 works on Suzuki vehicles.
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