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TCS CDP Pro Diagnostic Tool For Car And Truck Instead Of Delphi DS150E Works

get ready to avoid getting into trouble with no oil, no money, no anchor, etc..
To prevent in case of lost or in a helpless situation, to always make the phone full of electricity, and with a cross wire or portable power supply group. But don't use a cell phone while driving. Mobile phone spare change, unobstructed, car license complete, the amount of oil surplus, avoid driving, encountered no oil, gas, anchor and other embarrassing situation.
2 to save fuel and avoid unnecessary emergency brake and acceleration.
Frequent emergency brake is a major cause of high fuel consumption, we must first learn to avoid the formation of restlessness, inertia driving. In the case of the more familiar with the sliding distance of the vehicle, the road ahead of the red light should be less vigorously to the oil, to avoid the emergency brake at the traffic lights. Engine running at low temperature than the temperature increase after running more oil, so just start not immediately accelerated, and should be slow for a few minutes, so that the engine hot up and then accelerate. By way of fuel-efficient driving, each at least 1 liters of oil can travel 0.85 kilometers.
3 let the engine idling a few seconds to moderate.
In the cold weather before driving engine idling a few seconds, to ensure proper flow and engine oil lubrication. Why hot? Because the parked car after a long time, engine oil back into the oil pan, the engine when the upper part of the lack of lubrication oil in the car after a while, the oil pump operation, then the oil transported to the need to lubricate the piston and connecting rod etc..
TCS CDP Pro Diagnostic Tool For Car And Truck 
1. New Shell to avoid customs problem or you tell us what kinds of shell you like : )
2. Firmware can be updated or downgraded.
3.Support multiple languages and works on main softwares R3.2014 or 5.00.8 R2
4. Stable quality with most reasonable price.
This is newly designed TCS CDP Pro Diagnostic Tool which can works on cars and trucks.It has sturdy shells and stable quality.It can works on R3.2014 software and 5.00.8 R2 software. You can use it to INSTEAD OF Delphi DS150E or CDP. It is most useful tool for fast diagnosing kinds of vehicles.
TCS CDP Pro will be standard & default choice,Or you can tell us what kinds of Shell & SW you need in your order. Thanks! :D
You can go to OBDMORE.COM buy TCS CDP.

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