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Some Common Problem and Question About Autel Maxidas DS708

Since there are some clients have problem in registering and use Autel Maxidas DS708. Now, Thomas from OBDmore write below information for reference. This article contains some common "problem" and question about it.
Question: What is correct register process?? Because when I try to register it online, it show a message "Found no service or DNS error", how can I resolve it?
Answer: There are 2 ways to register your MaxiDas DS708 Scanner.
1. Use Maxidas ds708 machine to register. When you start the machine, the machine will come out a message and let you register your machine ( see below photo). Please remember the Series Number and Password. And then use lan cable to connect machine to PC( pc can go to internet), and then go to to use Series Number and password to register your machine. CLICK HERE to download manual of Maxidas DS708 to see how to register it step by step.

2. Use Series number & password to register it without machine. Use SN and PW and go to to register your machine.
Question:What languages of your Maxidas DS708 Scanner?
Answer: The Maxidas DS708 Scanner supports English, Spanish,French,German and Russian. When you order it, please let me know what kind of language you will need for diagnostic softwares inside. We will arrange correct machine with correct language.
Question: I bought a Maxidas ds708 scanner one year ago and now I need to pay to Autel to make future update. What is the price of next year update?
Answer: OBDmore has no authorization to sell update to clients even if we are authorized dealer. Please contact to Autel's customs office to buy update.
Question: My Autel Maxidas ds708 scanner worked very well before but it has problem when I start it today and I can not open any windows..... What can I do??
Answer: Do not worry. Take SD card out of your machine and insert it to PC. Format it and run DS708 update to let card to be filled with programs and software again!!
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