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OBDmore-- car diagnostic tool!

1 check the wiper, the best 6 months to 1 years to replace a.
In the continuous rainy weather, the wiper is a small part, but it is very important, this year summer precipitation also let their car wiper assume more responsibility for security. So after the rains come before and rainfall, car owners should check your wipers, see if there are quality problems, can work normally. The easiest way is to be placed in a variety of speed and position the wiper switch, it will pay attention to whether have a big shock or an abnormal sound in the work, and pay attention to whether there will be a swing speed and uneven water scraping, as this is the case, should be replaced or the wiper rubber strip. A good wiper should have the advantages of corrosion resistance, water repellency, and windshield fit and strong, to ensure traffic safety, the wiper best for 6 months to 1 years to replace a.
2 clean air filter, two times per change of oil to check an air filtration system.
General car for a year or so, the air conditioning filter will be dirty, if we do not pay attention to cleaning, air conditioning evaporator will filter back slowly blocked by impurities. A part of the air conditioning filter, the filter is a vehicle air conditioning system, the outside air through the pipeline, the air inlet, the air conditioning filter, blower, air filter to the outlet located inside the vehicle, so be completely cleaned every year.
3 check the belt, replace the lubricating oil at the same time to check, to avoid causing the engine to reduce performance or fault.
At the front of the engine, there are several belts, each of which has an important role to play. In the engine, running through the belt drive auxiliary equipment, such as compressor, air conditioner, alternator, power steering pump etc.. If the belt is broken, or the slip, will make the related auxiliary loss of function, or the performance decline, which affects the normal use of the car. Belt inspection method is very simple. First check the tension of the belt, then you can use the thumb, a strong push of the belt between the 2 belt pulley. According to the pressure of about 10kg or so, if the pressure of the belt in the 10mm or so, it is thought that the belt tension on the right.
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