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1, one day maintenance content:
(1) signal device check: open the ignition key (starting engine), light check the alarm and indicator lights, starting the engine is normal check the alarm lamp extinguished, lights still lit.
(2) through visual inspection: before driving, look at the car and lighting device has not been damaged, the car has no inclination, is not the existence of oil leakage etc..
2, a week of maintenance content
Check the tire pressure to adjust the tire pressure, clean up the debris on the tires. Don't forget to check the spare tire.
Fixed parts of the engine oil and check the engine, check the engine have the combination of oil spills, Water Leakage situation; check and adjust the belt tension line and wire fixation; check the parts; check the supplementary oil; check of coolant; check electrolyte; inspection of the power steering oil radiator; clean appearance add windshield cleaning fluid.
3, January maintenance content
(1) external inspection: inspection of the car, check the light bulb and the damage of the lamp shade; check the car body ornaments of the fixed situation; check the situation of car backing mirror.
(2) clean wax: thoroughly clean the automobile; clean water tank appearance, oil radiator appearance and air conditioning radiator appearance of debris.
(3): check the tire tire wear, clean up the luggage compartment; wear mark close tire should replace the tire, check the tires have bulging and abnormal wear, mainly aging crack and mechanical damage, etc..
(4) check the chassis chassis: there is no oil leakage phenomenon, found traces of oil leakage, should check the assembly gear oil quantity and appropriate complement to full grease filling operation on the chassis all the nozzle.
4, one year maintenance content
(1) ignition timing: check the ignition timing of the car engine, the diesel engine fuel supply timing of the check and adjust the best to repair plant.
(2) clean lubrication: clean the engine compartment lid, door and luggage compartment of the hinge mechanism of the oil, re adjust and lubricate the above mechanism.
(3) valve clearance: the valve with a common valve, should check the high speed valve clearance.
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