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Automobile maintenance knowledge
1 use of appropriate quality level of lubricating oil
The gasoline engine intake and exhaust system should be based on the additional device selection and the use of SD--SF gasoline engine oil; diesel engine according to the mechanical load selection of CB--CD diesel engine oil, use the standard of not less than the manufacturer specified requirements shall prevail.
2 regular replacement of oil and filter element
Any quality grade lubricating oil used in the process of oil will change. After a certain mileage, performance degradation, will bring a variety of problems to the engine. In order to avoid the occurrence of the fault, should be combined with the conditions of use regular oil, and moderate oil (generally in oil rod cap as well). The oil from the pores of the filter when the solid particles in oil and viscous material accumulated in the filter. Such as filter plugging, oil filter can not, the filter will burst or open the safety valve, the bypass valve through, still the dirt back to the lubricating parts, make the engine wear, increased pollution inside.
3 maintain good ventilation
Now most of the gasoline engines are equipped with PCV valve (crankshaft box forced ventilation device) to promote the engine ventilation, but the gas channeling pollutants will be deposited around the PCV valve, the valve can be blocked. If the PCV valve to plug the polluted gas reverse flow air filter, filter pollution, reduced ability to filter, the inhaled gas mixture too dirty, even the pollution caused by the crankcase, resulting in increased fuel consumption, engine wear increase, or even damage the engine. Therefore, regular maintenance of PCV, to remove pollutants around the PCV valve.
4 regular cleaning of crankcase
The engine in the process of operation, the combustion chamber pressure of unburnt gas, acid, water, sulfur and nitrogen oxides through the gap between piston ring and cylinder wall into the crankcase, mixed together with metal powder parts wear caused by the formation of sludge. When the quantity is small, the oil is suspended, the amount is large, and the oil is separated from the oil, and the filter and the oil hole are blocked, causing the engine to lubricate, causing the wear and tear. In addition, oil oxidation at high temperature generates film and carbon bond on the piston, the engine fuel consumption increases, power loss, the death and serious when the cylinder piston ring. Therefore, regular use of BGl05 (lubrication system efficient fast cleaning agent) to clean the crankcase, keep the engine clean.
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