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Mercedes Star Diagnosis Tools

1 regular check antifreeze liquid level, the effective period of antifreeze is generally 4 years.
To develop the habit of checking antifreeze level every week. If the liquid level is always lower and no external leakage is found, it should be an internal leak of the engine, which must be checked to prevent a major engine failure. The validity of antifreeze is generally 4 years, so there is continuity in use. In order to reduce waste, antifreeze after filling do not change at random. However, to deal with the use of antifreeze to implement a regular check. Every year can be combined with the seasonal maintenance check on the antifreeze. Check the contents should include freezing point inspection, proportion of inspection, but also respond to the use of antifreeze visual inspection, found that the proportion of increase, antifreeze thickening, freezing up, as well as antifreeze feculence, metamorphism, taste, foaming and so should be replaced.
2 to save fuel and avoid unnecessary emergency brake and acceleration.
Frequent emergency brake is a major cause of high fuel consumption, we must first learn to avoid the formation of restlessness, inertia driving. In the case of the more familiar with the sliding distance of the vehicle, the road ahead of the red light should be less vigorously to the oil, to avoid the emergency brake at the traffic lights. Engine running at low temperature than the temperature increase after running more oil, so just start not immediately accelerated, and should be slow for a few minutes, so that the engine hot up and then accelerate. By way of fuel-efficient driving, each at least 1 liters of oil can travel 0.85 kilometers.
3 let the engine idling a few seconds to moderate.
In the cold weather before driving engine idling a few seconds, to ensure proper flow and engine oil lubrication. Why hot? Because the parked car after a long time, engine oil back into the oil pan, the engine when the upper part of the lack of lubrication oil in the car after a while, the oil pump operation, then the oil transported to the need to lubricate the piston and connecting rod etc..
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