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LAUNCH X431 Auto Diag Scanner Idiag For Samsung Galaxy Pad

Maintenance, refueling, maintenance, parking and so on a series of overhead is not a lot of money. Money is not easy, I don’t spend money here and wasteful, everyone together to discuss money saving tips.
Gas for the car is as simple as people want to eat. Balanced nutrition is much better than food every day. At present, there are a variety of different grades of gasoline on the market, whether the use of gasoline is in line with the maintenance of the car has a close relationship. So the experts suggest that the owner: do not have to be too high to pursue high standard gasoline.
Whether the use of gasoline to meet the standards for the maintenance of the car has a close relationship. Long term use of high-grade cars low grade gasoline, will cause internal damage to the engine parts and other issues, and seriously reduce the normal life of the engine.
Some suppliers use of car owners mentality, shouting “good horse with a good saddle, a nice car, oil” propaganda “for the sake of automobile maintenance considerations, should use high grade gasoline”. According to statistics, there are 65% of the car using high standard gasoline.
Special note: the grade of gasoline and gasoline are clean and fuel-efficient are not necessarily linked, not gasoline label the higher the better, even the luxury car is not equal to the high grade gasoline. Experts said that with what oil should follow the instructions on the oil standard, so that the automobile engine compression ratio coefficient and coefficient gasoline to adapt, not price measure (compression ratio of this indicator can generally be found, in the car manual car manufacturers will be marked inside the fuel tank cap fuel recommended label).
In the process of driving skill is a simple and effective way to reduce fuel consumption, many owners are practicing fuel-efficient driving skills. “Master the characteristics of the car and drive the essentials, can reduce the loss of vehicles and fuel consumption.” There are more than 8 years the owner Mr. Liu said, if you have skills that are not rich enough, then please see the experts listed some of the driving details.
Soft start
Sudden acceleration will be more than a few times slower than the speed of gasoline, to avoid a sharp deceleration of the urgent acceleration.
Average running speed
General car economic speed of 60~90 km / h. When the car was hanging in the top gear, the most fuel-efficient operation in economic speed, speed is too high or too low on fuel economy are unfavorable.
Reduce the use of brake
Braking is essentially a process of energy conversion, which means the consumption of energy. Through the intersection, downhill, corners, should be ahead of the throttle, hang into the low gear, the car naturally slow down, both to save the oil, and to ensure the safety of traffic.
Special tips: try to avoid the peak travel, but also a good way to save oil. Many riders said, it is only half hour patency, but may be a peak period for more than an hour, more out of the car in the oil burning time.
Oil is not necessarily to buy imported oil is a car family of another big overhead. Exaggeration to say that the oil is like the blood of the human body. The human body can not be separated from the blood, the same engine can not be separated from the moment of oil. The car is basically every 5000-7500 km on the need to replace the lubricating oil.
As one of the most important protection products, the selection of excellent quality lubricating oil can effectively protect the engine, reduce wear and tear, so that the vehicle has a better use of economy.
LAUNCH X431 Auto Diag Scanner Idiag For Samsung Galaxy Pad
LAUNCH X431 Auto Diag Scanner Idiag For Samsung Galaxy Pad can let your Samsung pad to become a professiona car scanner which can works on more than 70 brands of cars around world.It is good for Samsing N8000 and N8010.You can use it for read/erase DTCs,reading data stream,action test and some other functions.
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