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KESS V2 Master OBD ECU Tuning Tool

Since the birth of the car, the car to change the industry also came into being. From the earliest garage tinkering changed little paint, printing a garland. In the last century to 80s and 90s, all kinds of large tail in Japanese street, lying low performance car. All over the world with all the friends for their car modification, and they have a common goal -- to improve the car's performance.
However, with the continuous innovation of science and technology, when the vehicle and computer integration, in order to improve the performance of the modified car may no longer need to install the traditional suite, you only need to wear their own clothes, easy change driving computer. Don't get greasy, your car can also be achieved "the force" closed, this is what we often say brush ECU!
ECU in the end is what? ECU in English full name is Control Unit Electronic, translation is the electronic control unit, also known as "driving computer", "car computer" and so on. From the use of speaking, it is a special computer controller for automobile. It is composed of a microprocessor, a memory, an input / output interface, an analog to digital converter, and a large scale integrated circuit for shaping and driving. With a simple words to describe is that ECU is the car's brain".
Since it is the car's brain, it can control the place to go more. Small to the seat of the electric regulation, sound analysis of the output; big to the engine cylinder fuel injection quantity and ignition time and so on. And here, we mentioned the ECU for the control of the starting power unit is the most interesting of the comrades.
In general, ECU for the control of automobile power unit is divided into the following parts: first, tangible is the response speed of the accelerator pedal; secondly, from the internal to the engine fuel injection quantity, ignition time adjustment; after all is to improve in the aspects of power vehicle.
See here is estimated that there are a lot of curious baby will ask, I did not modify the engine, only to modify the drive computer, which is to enhance the power from it? In fact, the power of this part is your car should have, only in the vehicle factory, the existing vehicle dynamic tuning of this part was carried out based on "seals", using the original car factory ECU will lock it. For all of the most familiar example, BMW car will generally have the economy, comfort, movement of three driving modes for you to choose, each kind of model, vehicle dynamic realization will have some changes, one of the most direct feeling is from the dynamic aspects of the upgrade. In sport mode, the vehicle's dynamic response will be much higher than the other two models. This is the efficacy of the three section of the BMW ECU, which is also common in some of the high-end cars will appear on the original factory of different types of ECU settings. According to the demand of different driving modes, the power of the vehicle is segmented.
At present, the method of changing the ECU to create a divided into three kinds: one is called the replacement type, one is called the writing style, there is a kind of call. The first alternative in general often appears in the car race, this is more violent, so we do not have a temporary table. The remaining two, is usually a lot of players can be used on the.
Writing style modification method, we can simply understand for the phone's "brush", just like the jailbreak, based on the original basis set to do some crack, in order to achieve the purpose of releasing power.
And there is a kind of called plug-in is more simple, can literally understand. Through the access to a new set of ECU power module, to achieve the power part of the separate control.
Here also give us friendship tips: usually with turbocharged car in the modification of ECU, the power to enhance the effect is more obvious, there will probably be about 30% rise. And the traditional natural inspiration engine, because of the mechanical structure and working principle of the reason, after the modification of ECU in power, and will not be too obvious improvement. Therefore, if your car is a naturally aspirated engine, so long there is no need to bother in the above.
The last of the last and then quietly told the mud Meng, modify ECU please be cautious. On the one hand to take care of the balance of the vehicle, the other is that once the modified ECU, manufacturers will not recognize the warranty (except for plug-in, because there is no damage to the original ECU set). So, brush ECU there is a risk, and brush and treasure!
KESS V2 Master ECU Tunning Tool is developped on its previous version KESS 1. This lasted KESS ecu tunning tool has bigger coverage,faster speed and so on. The newest version for it is V2.10. Please download vehicle supports list at below.
You can use KESS V2 Tunning your car ECU.
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