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Hyundai plans to launch the new hydrogen energy car

Recently, some foreign media reported that Hyundai plans to build a new hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. According to previous plan, the car is likely to meet with the public around in 2020. It is reported that the car endurance mileage or can reach 800km.
Hyundai had been to build a hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, that is the ix35 Fuel Cell, this car maximum endurance mileage can reach around 594km, top speed of 160km / h. As for the future of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, the car may not be based on existing models to build, while to use more independent design.
According to Hyundai's plan, which will be launched the new hydrogen fuel cell vehicle in 2020, the car's technical objective is maximum mileage over 800km, top speed over 170km / h.
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