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To say about the cost of raising the car, in addition to the level of oil prices, the car itself is the level of fuel consumption. In fact, many owners have encountered such a problem, the car drove open, fuel consumption is inexplicable increase. Especially after the warranty period of the models, the phenomenon of increased fuel consumption is very obvious. Many owners will be attributed to the natural aging of the vehicle caused, it seems like a reasonable way, like people, one to the elderly on the various problems of it. But in fact, the age of the car and fuel consumption is not necessarily linked, in fact, as long as some parts of the maintenance and replacement, fuel consumption will be decreased.
First, pay attention to the quality of gasoline, clean up the accumulation of carbon.
In fact, very good understanding, the better the more healthy eating. Poor quality of gasoline will increase the volume of carbon, excessive carbon deposition will make the gas inlet pipe wall become rough, the effect of the gas inlet and the quality of the mixture, so that the fuel consumption is increased dramatically. So, in your car more health, give it a good point of gasoline. In addition, pay attention to every six months to clean up a plot of carbon.
Two, check the tire pressure and tire wear.
In the course of the car to check the tire wear and tear, if the tyre wear is serious, it will appear skid phenomenon, fuel consumption will increase, generally every 50 thousand kilometers, it is about to go for a new set of tires. In addition, if you find a significant reduction in the taxi distance, you should check the air pressure of the tire. Because the tire pressure is too low, it will increase the friction between the tire and the ground, the resistance becomes large, the fuel consumption will rise. Warm prompt, normal tire pressure in the 2.5bar or so, the summer can be reduced by 0.1bar.
Three, regular replacement spark plug.
As is known to all, the effect of the spark plug is to ignite the mixture with a high voltage electrical spark, which is common sense. But another common sense that few people know, that is the ordinary spark plug life only 3-5 million kilometers, iridium spark plug life is about 5-8 million kilometers, platinum spark plug can go about 100 thousand kilometers! If you don't pay attention to the replacement of the words will make the ignition energy decreases, combustion gas mixture is not uniform, causing the car to slow down the speed increased fuel consumption.
CarProg Full Programmer Latest Version With All Adapters
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