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1 after exposure to the car wash cold water bath
The vehicle was in summer after exposure, some owners will give the car a shower bath, it can make the vehicle rapid cooling.
However, you will soon find that after showers, the car will immediately game over. Because, after exposure to the car, the car paint surface and the temperature of the engine is very high,
Will the car paint shorten the life of thermal expansion and contraction, gradually lost luster, often rushed to the car "cold bath" will eventually lead paint, chapped skin. If the engine strikes, the maintenance cost will have to spend a lot of.
2 left foot has been on the clutch, clutch plate wear fast
The clutch plate car is always very easy to wear, even complained that 4S shop with bad parts.
After careful inquiry found that some drivers are always used to drive the left foot has been stepped on the clutch, think that this can be better control of the vehicle,
But in fact, this way to the clutch disc damage is great, especially when running at high speed, the long time of the clutch will allow the clutch to quickly wear.
So to remind you, do not get used to half step on the clutch oh. The same is, the practice of starting the two block will also lead to premature failure of the clutch, the first stop is the most correct way.
3 clutch does not step on the end of the suspension
Gearbox why often inexplicable bad off it? In fact, this problem in addition to hardware failures, in most cases because the owners are not on the clutch when the clutch is busy hanging,
This will not only be difficult to accurately hang the block, and long-term operation, the manual transmission models of the gearbox is a fatal injury,
Although there is no step on the clutch shift problem, but many of the friends of the basin in the vehicle did not stop completely, it is in a hurry to hang P,
This is a very unwise, gearbox also cannot withstand this condition and operation does not match the situation.
4 oil table lamp light and then come on
Owners are generally waiting for the oil table lamp is lit before going to refuel. However, this habit is not very good, because the oil pump is located in the tank, the pump continuous working temperature is higher, the dip in the fuel can be effectively cooled.
When the oil lamp is light, the oil surface is lower than the oil pump, and if the lamp is bright, the fuel pump can not be fully cooled, and the service life of the oil pump can be shortened.
In short, the daily driving, the best gas in the oil table shows there is a grid oil.
5 when the shift does not shift
Engine is very prone to carbon deposition problem, first of all need to have a friend of the owner of a self test, they are not often lazy in the shift of time does not shift.
For example, when the speed is raised to a higher level, the speed of the vehicle does not match the jitter, or to maintain the original gear change,
This approach to the low speed of the engine load increases, the engine damage is great, and it is very easy to cause carbon deposition.
6 feet throttle
There are often some of the driver in the vehicle starting, starting or stalled the habit of Hong Jijiao accelerator, commonly known as "three car oil, three off oil".
The reason is: start when the accelerator does not hit the accelerator can not start when the accelerator is easy to turn off; when the gas does not turn off the next start difficult.
In fact, otherwise, the accelerator so that the engine speed up and down, running parts of the load suddenly big and small,
Piston in the cylinder in the formation of a non regular impact motion, which will cause the connecting rod bending, breaking the piston, causing the engine to be scrapped.
7 driving forgot to put the handbrake
Some owners do not develop the habit of pulling handbrake parking, the car sliding slope. Some owners worry, often pull the handbrake,
But when once again started and forgot to put the handbrake, and even smell the burn to stop checking. If it is found that the car did not put the handbrake,
Even if the road is not very long, it should be checked, according to the degree of wear and tear of the brake parts, if necessary, repair or replacement.
8 shock absorbers, springs, and even suspension
Many owners on the curb when jumped on to show the excellent driving technology. But the vehicle on the curb, causing great damage to the front suspension and tire sidewall,
Such as radial tire tread rubber relative to the tread strength is low, in the process of collision easily be pushed out of the bag, resulting in tire scrap.
So we should try to avoid, can not on time, must use some small cannot but on the way to minimize the damage against vehicles.
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