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Car Central Controller

ECU central controller (ECU) is one of the basic functions of cruise control system of automobile cruise control system of automobile drivers according to road conditions selected speed, switch to start the fixed cruise system to replace the throttle pedal control through point. According to the influence of the ramp, traffic of speed, automatic adjustment of supply vehicles to realize automatic cruise control. According to the driving procedures, automatic lift cruise control function when the clutch pedal is stepped gear transmission or stepping on the brake pedal, the accelerator pedal control recovery, without adding any extra action. The clutch pedal, brake pedal or arbitrary switch three operation modes in a way can cancel the car cruise control function, safe and reliable. Manual acceleration or deceleration: command switch consists of 3 buttons: "speed" and "acceleration" and "deceleration". Point moving speed (or slow) button, the speed will continue to increase (or slow), stop moving, the speed of the speed control system is set to set the speed. The short-time speed automatic recovery in automatic control of cruise control system can be directly to the pedal pedal speed, release the original set cruise speed automatic recovery. Automatic memory: according to the selection of speed, automatic memory. In the processing point by the road brake, step down the clutch operation action, automatic lift cruise control system. Move the recovery button, on the basis of automatic memory, automatically restore the original setting speed per hour. Cruise control structure for cruise control system (the system) is composed of a sensor, a central controller (ECU), servo controller, switch and display instructions, according to the driving command instead of automatic cruise control function to realize the automobile pedal. Central controller (ECU) is the center of the speed control system, according to the most stable acceleration design of each model to determine. ECU according to the instruction speed, the actual speed and other input signals, after the CPU data processing output signal driven servo controller to control the engine throttle opening degree. For sensor signal detection and acquisition speed, the output signal of direct feedback to the ECU instruction, lock the door opening and adjust the solar term, according to the signal from the lifting of the brake pedal, clutch pedal or instructions to switch at any point, release the lock. According to the ECU instructions to adjust the solar term door was the door of the solar term, "lock", when the car resistance increases (uphill) and speed reduction, control solar term door opening increases and decreases, to keep the bus speed and move speed instruction execution. 1 what is the automobile cruise? Cruise is to replace the pedal by using microcomputer technology, realize the automatic adjusting device of throttle, speed of the car. Through the manual button to increase, reduce the speed instead of a long time foot pedal, driving easy. Cruise is easy to drive, the car, fuel-efficient, utility function. In Europe and Japan and other developed countries, 70% of the cars are equipped with cruise control system. What is the basic function of 2 Lutan cruise control unit? Start: after the speed stability, point to move the set / deceleration key (SET/decel), set the speed. Recovery: with automatic memory function, cruise lift, move the restoration / accelerator (RES/accel), to restore the original speed. Release: release point (Cancel) key, lift the cruise, the clutch pedal, the brake pedal can lift cruise. Manual acceleration and deceleration: in constant speed condition, move the set / speed button (SET/decel) every time, deceleration 2 kilometers, move the recovery / accelerator (RES/accel), each 2 km speed. 3 the use of cruise control would not affect the safety? This is a lot of untouched cruise people have doubts. Cruise abroad has long been widely used, safety is guaranteed, even if the cruise for their failure is only constant failure, restore pedal control, without any negative impact on the safety of vehicles. (1) hardware security design through any lifting key, foot brake, clutch Tata in three ways a reliable lift cruise, in line with the driver used to operate without any additional motion. Normal operation requires less than 1A of the current. (2) the following system of software safety design can not be activated or automatically released. Brake lamp exception safety protection: automatic detection system, if the two sides are found on both sides of the brake lamp failure. No signal protection: when no pulse input signal; signal source abnormal protection: when the abnormal fluctuation is greatly larger or smaller sudden signal; engine abnormal protection: when the engine speed is abnormal fluctuations; abnormal protection: when the vehicle speed or road speed up to 3m per second rate; when the vehicle speed is less than the set 75% of the speed; when the speed is greater than the set speed of 150% high speed setting safety protection: when the speed is less than 40km per hour, more than 180km / h. 4, a cruise is whether the impact on the original structure of the car? No, Cruise control system is independent, does not occur with other preparation vehicle interference. The circuit is connected with a power supply, a power supply, a power supply, a grounding, a speed signal, a brake switch and a clutch switch. The constant speed wire only tightening at the start of cruise, usually in a loose state, do not interfere with throttle activity. 5, why use cruise to fuel? The position and speed of the throttle to keep the best fit, reducing the energy consumption caused by man-made accelerator fluctuations. Different models have the corresponding economic speed, the speed of the most fuel-efficient cruise. Long distance running effect is more obvious.
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