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BMW ICOM BMW ISTA A+B+C with software (Internal HDD)

As the mainstay of a high-end brand cars, BMW cars are subject to a number of consumer trust, and the BMW 5 series is the most advanced domestic high-end business car. With such a good car, whether on behalf of the owners to avoid failure and problem annoying? In fact, even if the car is annoying problem this BMW 5 series will be the existence of a variety of vehicles, some existing problems and some bad habits of car owners is caused by problems with tips from the BMW 5 Series car what are the common problems in the process of using, look at the experts gave what maintenance solution.
BMW's car is known as the advanced computer system, BMW famous iDrive system presumably BMW fans have already heard. The new BMW 5 series are equipped with a new iDrive system. The second generation BMWiDrive central information processing system can provide a stronger function, more simple operation mode. However, the computer system is also a failure of the BMW 5 car owners are more distressed problems, such as the reason for the alarm, iDrive system suddenly fails, the lights automatically open and so on. In fact, this is because of problems in the on-board computer program, the fundamental cause of the problem has not been found, which belongs to the software fault, there is no problem for the safe operation and use of the car, if you can to the above sporadic fault in the trunk line of the battery is disconnected, the on-board computer restart we can solve. And if the problem frequently appears to affect the normal use of the computer software can be upgraded to the Department, you can solve the problem.
The BMW 5 series door noise is a problem, BMW company that is the glue, in fact. Even if the replacement of the rubber strip can not solve the problem. In fact, this problem is out of the door hook, the reason is the lack of oil door hook. If the owner wants to solve the problem, only after the door hook Department evenly coated with lubricating oil, the problem can be solved completely.
Once the owner of the BMW 525I, opened in the refrigeration air conditioning system switch, fan 1, 2, 3 files are still blowing, but to the 4 gear when there is a small wind blown out, then after a period of time and automatic shutdown. In fact, 4 stalls in the breeze, that the wind turbine operation, the refrigeration system is normal, conditioning system failure. Dismantling the fan temperature resistance (the contact resistance and fan gear matched) were measured, under normal temperature and high temperature, the resistance of no change. When the resistance on the fan outlet when the fan to work up to 1 hours will automatically jump stop, on this surprising phenomenon. After careful observation found that: resistance has a contact point of the rivet loose. The rivet after riveting, resistance to put back in situ, and then open the fan fan test, no longer jump stop, the stalls are all normal.
BMW 5 series driving problem
The BMW 5 series BMW models have the unique dynamic and excellent control performance, long hood, short front overhang, 50:50 body weight, and the traditional luxury car rear drive to BMW5 system of the classic is difficult to be copied.
Sometimes the owners of the BMW 5 series will find the engine jitter obviously, will be stalled in the middle of the road. The reason for the above two problems are mostly due to oil quality problems, long before the owner hit Benz event finally determined due to automobile engine had a bad reaction to inferior oil caused by. Like BMW, this premium car engine design is very sophisticated, in order to ensure excellent performance, the compression ratio is relatively high. But the quality of the domestic oil with Europe and the United States and other developed countries, there is a certain gap, the engine can not reach the normal work requirements. So high-end cars in the import of China's time to make some targeted adjustments, so that it can adapt to China's oil, but the relative performance of the engine will have some decline. But the domestic fuel quality is uneven, poor quality of the engine performance is greatly affected.
So if the owners want to avoid this problem occurs, must require the use of vehicle fuel specifications manual, to ensure the quality of oil gas in the gas station, if necessary in some remote places to refuel, must add the highest grade of gasoline, and gasoline for qualified when conditions as soon as possible. And if the owner is located in an area of oil quality is generally poor, must be used for a long time it is best to adjust the ignition advance in plant angle and the computer program to do some modifications. In order to avoid irreparable damage to the engine.
There are part of the BMW 5 car owners will be found in the process of braking or acceleration, the steering wheel will be slightly taut, when the brake is released back to the. This phenomenon is different from the deviation of the tire pressure or tire problems, because the suspension structure belongs to the fault. It is observed that the tripod rubber pad disengaged from the chassis. The most fundamental reason is that the chassis does not make corresponding adjustments to China's road conditions, some of the structure in the case of frequent bumps may arise. Therefore, the owners need to check the various parts of the chassis suspension, to prevent the phenomenon of loose.
BMW 5 Series abnormal sound problem
When the BMW 5 Series car owners driving certain mileage will find the brakes screeched, in fact the sound is produced from friction between the brake disc and brake pads, may be due to environmental problems, some dust can will be mixed between the two contact is not caused by. In fact, this problem has no effect on the braking or safety performance of the vehicle, if it can not be put on the brake pad or brake pad for grinding, remove impurities and maintain a smooth.
And you can use BMW ICOM BMW ISTA A+B+C with software (Internal HDD) to diagnosis your BMW .
BMW ICOM ISTA A+B+C was publised at 2010. Our BMW ICOM always be with newest ISTA/D ISTA/P software. As a professional scanner to BMW group, it is the latest program, diagnose, coding and complete system BMW have the full system replace DIS GT1/SSS/OPS and OPPS. Your hands are free from heavy OPS now! All BMW series include mini and Rolls-Royce can be diagnosed & programmed by that power full scanner.
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