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Automotive functional unit maintenance
Multifunctional automobile parts, shell riders for your points before five and after five after it.
First, the engine oil inspection
The vehicle is parked on the level of the road. Pull out ruler to check the amount of oil, oily in (F) and (L) within the two markings, belongs to the normal range, if less than one (L). You should add the specified type of oil, the oil level should not be higher than (F).
Two, engine coolant level inspection
The engine in the engine state, do not open the radiator cap, otherwise you may be cooling liquid or steam burn out. And other engine cooling, check the coolant level should be in full and low between, or should add distilled water or pure water (not to add mineral water) or frozen liquid, water level can not exceed the height of the full. If found in a short period of time to reduce the cooling fluid is very fast, should check whether the cooling system leaks or to the maintenance station to check.
Three, brake fluid level inspection
Brake is also high, low between the normal. If the brake fluid is close to the lower limit or lower than the lower limit, the system may have leakage or brake shoe wear too much, should be promptly to the maintenance station for maintenance.
Adding the brake fluid, brake fluid should pay attention to the same type, to prevent damage to the skin bowl, pay attention to protect the paint to prevent corrosion paint.
Four. Check the level of the clutch.
Clutch level between the high and low liquid level is normal, if lower than the standard line, it may be a total pump or sub pump damaged skin. In the engine operating conditions will be difficult or unable to hang the file file, please immediately to the nearest repair station maintenance.
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