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Auto repair and maintenance

Auto repair and maintenance should not be too dependent on the maintenance cycle
Their car broke down must go to repair the car, but the daily maintenance is? According to the experience? Or in accordance with the books said to small to give you weapon maintenance. Let you see the doorway.
Maintenance by time period as a reference not too hard
Will get a maintenance periodic table of each owner when buying a car, told to do the maintenance of what at what time, but most owners open, just feel good, not what problems will gradually wayside; another part of the owners is motivated by previous driving experience, self to shorten the maintenance mileage is 7500 km, such as the provision of maintenance but 6000 kilometers away drove to the 4S shop; or not to maintenance time to the 4S shop maintenance, the result is more money. In fact, the vehicle maintenance is not the more frequently the better, the number of manufacturers is based on the full understanding of the performance of the body, and then set the best time.
Long warranty does not mean that the use of cost reduction
Many owners believe that car manufacturers extended warranty, the cost will be greatly reduced their car, but in fact, when the car warranty is like insurance, only when there is a problem of their own to get the benefits brought by this policy. Of course, the powertrain maintenance costs are very expensive, usually, the cost of a vehicle powertrain system to account for the cost of the vehicle 35%-40%. As a result, the powertrain system once it needs to be replaced, it will be a huge cost for consumers. The extension of the warranty period, no doubt to avoid the risk of consumers themselves to bear such a huge amount of overhead.
In fact, the main purpose of the extended warranty period is to guide the owners to develop good habits, regular scheduled maintenance, by guiding the owners of professional maintenance in the 4S shop, will keep the condition better, until the owners transfer, it is found that the residual value of the car, far more than the cost of maintenance, in fact, this is the real security the interests of consumers.
Engine slight abnormal sound is not necessarily a problem
Powertrain system has the initial performance of the problem of noise, fuel consumption increased, body vibration, and the problem will be more and more serious. Each car is different individuals and different individuals, subtle differences in sound is normal; especially with other manufacturers models compared the difference may be more obvious, if only subtle differences in such sounds, but this problem is not obvious with the time increasing, does not mean that there must be a problem.
On the other hand, the current quality control system of domestic mainstream car manufacturers strict, product failure rate can reach to PPM for the calculation, that is, a million base. That is to say, every 1 million cars, the powertrain system is not more than the probability of a problem, the probability is very low. Days ago, Beijing Hyundai launched a 5 year /10 million kilometers powertrain warranty policy is also based on the quality of their products fully confident.
Roadside store maintenance recommendations do not choose
A filter for example, bought would have cost a few dollars in the 4S shop, but it can ensure the normal use of 8000 or more than 10000 kilometers, and the filter life in a roadside store to buy is likely to run to 3000-4000 km, while the manufacturers original oil body for the overall coordination of the benefits must be self-evident the. Save a few yuan money, momentary convenience, it is likely to sacrifice performance days after the expense.
Some owners worry that their car is obviously a small problem would be painted 4S shop is very serious, the replacement of parts in persuasion, spend unnecessary money, but in fact, in the mainstream car manufacturers, this basic phenomenon does not exist, because manufacturers have Rizos strictly for dealers. 4S shop to do is a long-term business, unlike the street shop is a hammer trading. But for their own choice, small series or more respect! But the most important or safe first oh!!
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