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Investing On CMMS – Worth The Cost

A computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) is a valuable tool to help automate Preventive Maintenance Software (PM) schedules on operational equipment. Using a CMMS, CNC machines, efficient software programmers and other equipment maintenance and operations professionals can be a fundamental contributor to meet the excellence.

Advantages Of Using CMMS:

•    CMMS monitors a variety of meter readings which includes pressure, temperature and voltage and help operators communicate the needs for maintenance.

•    In order to improve the efficiency of any office asset, preventive maintenance planning must be made. CMMS software packages interface directly to CNC machines to collect data and generate PM schedules on hourly basis rather than calendar periods. This results in a more efficient use of staff, reduced downtime and lower maintenance costs.

•    Moreover, replacing the existing asset with new one, CMMS Maintenance Software automatically identifies the poor performing asset by ranking every component. This means, it keeps track of your organisation’s equipment history and grade performance over time.

•    If a newer asset keeps failing frequently more energy is consumed and hence its repairing cost will be high over time.  Replacing an asset is based on several factors: frequency of failure, energy consumption, frequency of work orders, cost trends, and so on. With Manufacturing Maintenance Software, the manager can give hands-on plan and thus reducing capital expenditures.

•    Gone are the days of using paper, Microsoft Excel or Outlook to keep track of data. These methods had limitations. But the Web Based CMMS reduces equipment’s downtime and cost repairs while maximizing equipment reliability and increase efficiency.

To fill these needs for automating PM schedules, Nexgenam offers web cmms designed to serve robust functionality and ease of use. In precise, this software helps in scheduling, managing, analyzing and reporting on all aspects of maintenance, including preventive and predictive maintenance, work orders, maintenance requests, inventory and bar-coding.

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