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5 Factors to Consider When Selecting a SaaS CMMS

Anyone who works in maintenance is probably aware of the frustrating consequences of unexpected equipment breakdown. Many organizations has already analysed on the high costs associated with working in traditional mode. We are now moving from the out of the early adopter stage into the Software as a Service (SaaS) technology adoption cycle.

Because of the unique requirements for delivering Software as a Service as opposed to deploying a system, consider these different factors and criteria.

Integration: Does it integrate with other applications you have? Are you able to import your old CMMS data or a spreadsheet or paper based maintenance management method to this? How is its scalability? Is it reliable and available all of the time? Most of all, what is that rank it holds in terms of security?

Import/ Export feasibility: While the service provided by a SaaS solution is the main value, the data accumulated has a large value.  Make a point that the ability to import data as well as export it is in important consideration, especially given the relative immaturity of the SaaS market

Usability: How easy and attractive is the user interface? Does it offer help whenever required, be it through in-program videos and/or tech-support? Can mobile users make use of it?

Provider: What is the vendor’s reputation when compared to the growing list of customers?

Cost: What is the cost of the whole package? Consider both the up-front cost for setup and training and the continuing costs of running the software.

As an end note, now you are aware of choosing a Web Based CMMS that is an excellent fit for your organization considering the above factors. But keep in mind, the goal of a Cloud CMMS is to save you time and money, while improvising workflow and reporting capabilities. If done properly: organizations even report improved employee morale!

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