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Sodiem Lifestyle Apparel

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Member Since:  Mar 2012
Sodiem is a fresh, new lifestyle clothing brand from Orange County, CA. We are all about empowering people as individuals with our bold designs that are meant to encourage you, and everyone around you to do, or keep doing great things. Many of our designs promote a statement that puts emphasis on you, as a person, and the lifestyle that you live. We are firm believers in the idea that everyone is capable of doing something better than anyone else, no matter how big or small, you just have to find it. This gave birth to our slogan.
Sodiem stands for "Seeing Others Doing It Except Me," promoting originality, confidence, and determination. Everyone should strive to make something of themselves. Essentially, our products let everyone know what YOU are all about. Our goal is to make Sodiem a household name, and have the whole world using our slogan as part of their daily lives.
"Doing Epic Shit"
Name:Sodiem Lifestyle Apparel
Location:92840, California
United States
Category:Clothing, Shoes & Accessories
Since:Jan 2012