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Importance of Network and IOS Simulation Solutions

Both the words, simulation and simulator, are often used in network world. The simulation technology is of crucial importance for accelerating the effective performance of the networks systems.

Simulator is an essential component for development of a network of nearly 100,000 devices. Numerous traps can be sent for simulating disaster situations. Following are some of the important features of simulator:

1. It responds to questions with regard to SNMP manageable devices in complete and accurate manner.

2. It actually appears to be interacting with the devices.

3. All devices are characterized by unique IP address, SNMP device, parameters, etc.

4. Configuration of devices can be done at run-time individually and collectively.

Now, let us first understand what a network simulator is and its functions in the computing network domain. Network simulation is a method in which mathematical formulas are used modelling the working of a network. This is done by computing the interaction between various networks and evaluating back observations within a production network. The observations are done in a test lab environment to check the overall patterns of the network and other systems.

Thus, a Network simulator refers to software for predicting the activities and performance of a network. Due to the increasing complexities of the networks, particularly in the communication industry, the traditional observation systems fail to achieve the desired purpose. As a result, the system performance is not understood clearly and precisely. In network simulation, modelling of network takes place with applications and devices and other resources. On the basis of the modelling, the behaviour of the system is evaluated.

With the help of IOS Simulator, one can execute and debug Cisco IOS applications quickly without much hassle and spending substantial time. If you conduct tests using an IOS simulator, then you are not required to have expensive Cisco devices. IOS simulation is mostly done for testing CLI based applications connecting to Cisco devices using Telnet and SSH.

The IOS Simulator provides support to Cisco IOS commands and other interfaces, and SNMP devices. With this methodology, 100k devices can be simulated on once server and more by distribution over various workstations. Devices can be accessed with various systems such as Telnet and SNMP. If IOS Simulator is synchronized with the functions of the IOS recorder, then any command can be recorded or simulated.

A place where you find solutions for your network and IOS simulation is Gambit Communications. This organization provides excellent services to the entities and vendors in various services. They help the entities and vendors to test, develop and train their staff with regard to various simulation tasks and devices.

We have experienced and skills staff to train employees of other organizations about simulation devices and mechanisms. Thus, the training sessions conducted are rigorous and comprehensive so that the employees can get complete idea to deal with simulation devices. The range of products offered by Gambit Communications is broad and includes simulation devices in every range of computer and network domain. Their services are excellent and consistent in terms of quality standards.


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