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Loving Arts And Crafts

I love arts and crafts and making gifts and handmade items for sale. I've made a lot of  items for family members for Christmas gifts. I’ve been thinking about opening a second store with just craft items in it.
So I thought I'd write about one of my favorite things to paint.

I have been painting and selling mailboxes for approximately 8 years. Usually, I take orders for special scene mailboxes. If some wants a certain scene on their box, I'm only too happy to make it.

I haven’t listed any in my store yet, just at the flea markets, and craft fairs.

I have painted a mailbox with elephants on it for someone who collected elephants. Once I had an order for a mailbox with apples and bees on it. I wondered why until I found out that it was a gift for someone named "Applebee".


Hand painted mailboxes are a wonderful way to spice up your home decor or garden decor. You can make a delightful painted mailbox even if you have never painted.

I do mine free hand, but there are some wonderful stencils you can use to make the design on your mailbox. You can make a beautiful box whether you live in an area that you can get a big post mounted rural mailbox or you live in an area that you can mount a beautiful box on the wall outside your home.

Always get a galvanized steel box

Use a piece of fine sand paper and lightly sand the whole box. Sand just a little to dull it. Be sure to wipe down the whole box after sanding.

If you use a stencil, tape it down. Then pencil on your design. After penciling it in, you can paint the design. If you free hand, you can paint now. Always use outdoor acrylic paint. You can use the type of brush you are comfortable with.

When you are done with the painting, let your mailbox sit and dry for 24 hours to cure.

Always put on at least 3 coats of sealer. Be sure to let the sealer dry completely between coats. Be sure that you use a non-yellowing sealer, such as Crystal Clear Enamel. If you spray sealer, be sure to be in a very well ventilated place. Let the box sit for 24 hours.

This last step is optional, but one I always do. Bake the box in your oven at 200 degrees for 15 minutes. This really sets everything and makes your mailbox shine.

Your mailbox is now ready for mounting. You have made a beautiful decoration for your home that will last for years!!

Happy Painting

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TMUSA | October 23rd 2012 at 1351008620

Lord have mercy~ baking a mailbox....I should that.....with all those bills in it!!! Whats for dinner, baked mailbox with bills....LOL

Very nice....Sharlyns Country Store
Donna's Stuff & More
Donna's Stuff & More | October 23rd 2012 at 1351012482

Sharlyn - I LOVE painted mailboxes. Unfortunately I live in a community that doesn't allow anything other than the standard black mailboxes - and they have to be mounted on a special wooden stand. One case where Homeowners Association sucks.

After 9/11, one of the residents put an American Flag mailbox cover over their mailbox to show support for all those who died that horrible day and for their nephew who had enlisted in the military. A large number of us joined in support - out of 11 homes on our little street, 8 or 9 had them. Well, a huge fight ensued with us against the HOA - they wanted conformity in the community. After a prolonged fight, and the HOA finally threatening to put leins on our homes, we gave up. At least we had them up for 6 or 7 months!
Royal Presence
Royal Presence | October 23rd 2012 at 1351030058

Sharlyn, so wonderful. I dabble when I have time in crafts and painting. I think
definitely you should put some up for sale here on addoway. You could make them for any theme. They would make really unique gifts. Love it.
BeewitchingItems | October 25th 2012 at 1351194907

Oh my, you are so talented, I would never even think about attempting to paint a mailbox. Yours are so pretty. I do other crafts, but nothing like this. You do good!!!

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