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Michigan Shaolin Wugong Temple

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Member Since:  May 2016
Michigan Shaolin Wugong Temple offers authentic Chinese mixed martial arts classes to people of all skill levels.
In class, children and adults can expect to be taken through dynamic drills that will hone their reflexes, agility, aerobic conditioning, and martial technique. Students can deepen their practice as they learn about meditation and classical Shaolin philosophies that help people lead less stressful and happier lives.
Martial arts can be practiced to achieve the greatest good, but can be practiced for the greatest evil as well. The dark side in martial arts practice lies in the potential of violence inherent in it. The Shaolin Tradition uses the practice of meditation to keep practitioners balanced with the side of Light. The practice of martial arts can be a road to personal development, self realization, and enlightenment. But if it is practiced to gratify the ego and gain power over...  Read More
Name:Michigan Shaolin Wugong Temple
Location:300 W 13 Mile Rd, Madison Heights, Michigan 48071
United States
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