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R&B Builders is a fine homebuilding company in Virginia Beach that has been building homes, additions and renovations throughout the Tidewater area for 30 years. Perhaps the most important aspect of the services we provide is and has been the successful collaboration with architects and subcontractors who have all united in creating a product that is above all, satisfying and well suited to the particular needs of owners and their families.

Over the years, we have assembled a collection of highly talented, trained and experienced craftsmen and General Contractors in Virginia Beach who take great pride in their work while using a variety of high quality materials with contemporary technologies, innovation and style; all contributing to a home, addition or renovation that is durable, comfortable and esthetically pleasing
R&B Builders
1364 Whittier Road
Virginia Beach, VA, 23454
Phone -757.228.1092
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Name:R&B Builders
United States
Category:Real Estate
Since:Sep 2010