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5 Old-Fashioned Gestures Guaranteed to Win Women Over

These days, women can pretty much do everything a man can do. But that doesn't mean that we don't appreciate being treated like ladies. There are certain "old-fashioned courtesies" that we would still like to get from men -- especially from our husbands and boyfriends.

To win women's approval and their hearts, men should keep in mind these classy moves:

1. Open doors for them.

Women like it when you clear the path for them. It shows that you respect them and want to make sure that they can get to where they want to go without any obstacles. This may seem like such an insignificant thing, but women will always remember the men who let them enter a room first.

2. Ensure their safety.

Women feel the protective side of men who help them get a ride or drive them home when it's late at night. This shows that you are making an effort to look after them. Insensitive men, on the other hand, would just let women fend for themselves.

3. Help them carry things.

Men are physically stronger than women. So, women are genuinely grateful to men who help them when they're struggling with grocery bags, boxes or luggage. A guy who is innately polite certainly won't think twice about lending a hand. In many cases, women already appreciate men who offer to help them.

4. Assist them with technical tasks.

Since guys are often more knowledgeable about car maintenance and home repairs, women really need their help in these matters. If you're helping a woman with her car or with a leak in her faucet, make sure that you present a sympathetic demeanor. Women resent it when men have a know-it-all attitude. Thus, you must offer your help without a note of arrogance. There's no need to show off.

5. Let them sit down.

Getting a woman a chair is a thoughtful gesture that will always be remembered. It's even more meaningful when you give up your own seat or chair so that the woman could take a seat. This gesture is best appreciated in an overcrowded train.

Women can take care of themselves. However, that doesn't mean that they won't welcome chivalrous gestures from men. Men should keep in mind that they're not doing these gestures to patronize women. If you're a gentleman, you do it because it's how you want to show respect and consideration for women. Read more: Mother of the bride dresses

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