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What Trump’s Changes to Mean to Americans

In December 2014, former U.S. President Barrack Obama signed an executive order that historically lifted a fifty-year ban on travel to Cuba in an attempt to normalize relations between the United States and Cuba and the United States. Restrictions applied, but it was a start in the right direction.

In June 2017, however, President Donald Trump signed his own an executive order, overturning portions of Obama's order. He was fulfilling his promise to undo President Obama's free trade and tourist initiatives. Trump sought to enforce the original ban on Cuban travel. Interestingly, President Obama never really lifted that ban.

What Can Americans Do Under the Changes?

Under President Obama’s rules, there were twelve types of legal travel that wasn’t officially “tourism". Visits were limited to “people-to-people travel” exchanges that promoted significant interactions with the Cuban people and fulfilled traditional and educational requirements.

Under Trump, ten of the twelve categories remained. The “people-to-people” and educational options, however,were eliminated and American travellers could no longer participate in activities that involved extreme free time or recreation.

Americans can now only travel to Cuba along with an officially licensed tour operator or cuban private travel agency, as part of a group trip.The only other kinds of travel Americans can now make to Cuba are those that have a certain purpose, as follows:

o visit family members in Cuba.

o conduct professional research and/or hold meetings

o arrange religious activities, humanitarian projects and public performances (i.e. artists, athletes and performers can visit Cuba to perform, exhibit or participate in their craft).

Americans can continue booking flights, Cruises to Havana Cuba and cruises to Cuba, but only through official tour operators or a Cuban private travel agency. And, only a tour operator or Cuban private travel agency can arrange tours, excursions, stays at island casa particulars or homestays, activities, and so on.

Many Americans travel to Cuba via Canada and Mexico, where it’s more easily permitted. Plus, Cuba accepts U.S. passports. Their passports may then be checked upon reentry to the United States and any time thereafter. Such travelers should always be honest if they are ever asked about their Cuban visit. It’s always best. Attempting to hide such an excursion, or any other kind of excursion, violates federal laws.

Que Bolaa Cuba Travel Agency

Qué Bolaa Cuba Travel Agency is a Cuban private travel agency specializing in Cuba travel. Its agents are trained and skilled and have extensive travel experience. Qué Bolaa Cuba Travel Agency wants to show Cuba’s exceptional beauty and fun in a totally different way.

Under the updated travel rules, Americans could contact a Cuban private travel agency such as Qué Bolaa Cuba Travel Agency and book a group excursion, two days Habana,or top tours excursions, plus a stay atan island casa particularor homestay. Should an American be on a cruise that ports in Cuba or a Cruise to Havana Cuba, they or their cruise director could also contact Qué Bolaa Cuba Travel Agency to book a group excursionor top tours excursions homestays. And, should an American be travelling to Cuba for a purpose, they could contact Qué Bolaa Cuba Travel Agency and arrange a stay an island casa particularor homestay.

Yes, the new rules are frustrating, but Americans can still find ways to meet the friendliest people in the world and enjoy the richest, brightest culture in the Caribbean.

See for more detail.

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