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The Differences

Vacationing in a different country is great because you get to experience things you’ve never seen or done before. You see buildings that are designed in ways you’ve never seen before. You taste food you’ve never eaten. You hear a totally different language. You hear certain music for the first time. You meet new friends. It’s a fantastic adventure.

You also get to see where and how others live. That is the most awesome part of the experience. Most of us spend our lives in one general area and grow accustomed to our surroundings and what takes place on a daily basis. We then naturally assume that it’s all normal and standard for everyone else. But, we live in a great big world and that’s not the case.

The Beauty of Cuba

Cuba has so much to offer. It’s the largest island in the Caribbean and is full of stunning beaches. Its unique jazz, Latin, and Afro-Cuban melodies constantly fill the air. Brilliant cars from days past travel the roads – where else do you actually see them in use?And, the food, with its distinct flavors and spices – you can’t get it anywhere else.

You’ll notice something especially interesting as you stroll along, admiring the uniquely designed buildings and various colors – there’s ardly any advertisements, posters, or signs marring the windows, walls or buildings. All you see are the beautiful colors and the splendid, pristine architecture. It’s fantastic.

“Que Bolaa”

“Que Bolaa” is how Cuban friends ask one another “what are you doing?” and “how are you going to have fun?” That’s how former United States President Barack Obama greeted the citizens when he came to Cuba. It had been nearly a century since an American president last visited.

His kind gesture of friendship inspired a group of tourist professionals to name their then, recently formed, cuban private travel agency,Que Bolaa Travel.

Que Bolaa Cuba Travel

QuéBolaa Cuba Travel, as the name suggests, specializes in Cuba travel. Its agents are trained, skilled professionals with a wide range of travel experience. Their aim to bring people to Cuba and show them its exceptional beauty and fun in a totally different way. Yes, visitors will see all the great tourist sites, but they’ll also see the wonderful, exciting sites only natives know and love. Especially, the untouched beauty. So, come visit Cuba and experience a different way of life and meet the friendliest people on Earth.

So, please, be friendly, contact Que Bolaa Cuba Travel, but don’t ask “how are you going to have fun?” Instead, ask “how am I going to have fun?” Que Bolaa Cuba Travel will plan it all and take you there.

Travel Packages

Que Bolaa Cuba Travel offers cuba roundtrips & tours and top tours excursions homestays, both of which visit Habana’s Historical Center. Or, you can book your own private tour.

Contact Que Bolaa Cuba Travel today and experience Cuba.

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