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The Beautiful Cuban People

In 2014, when former U.S. President Barrack Obama lifted a fifty-year ban on travel to Cuba, many Americans took advantage and saw Cuba for the very first time. The differences amazed them.

At first, the stunning architecture overwhelms them. Cuba, especially Havana, grew quickly in the early 1900s and the intricate, vibrant buildings with Spanish, Italian, Greek, and Roman design still line the streets. And, the streets are literally a living car museum, filled with old, colorful cars, including Oldsmobiles, Chevrolets, Fords, and even a few Russian brands. It’s quite extraordinary.

The food also amazes Americans. It’s a unique, wonderful blend of Spanish, African, and Caribbean cuisines, with connections to Dominican Republican and Puerto Rican food. Many claim it’s the best they ever tasted. And, the music. Cuban music is considered the world’s most significant influential music.

Most of all, Americans notice the people. The Cuban people are warm, friendly, and captivating. Every single person offers to share their homes and food, even when they barely have anything. Americans readily admit they can be materialistic, but after they meet the Cubans, who value kindness, togetherness, and sharing over tangible items, they feel changed.

Americans also notice how the people recycle, respect the environment, and try to use natural remedies, rather than chemical (i.e. beer and rabbit pellets to control insects). Television and Internet aren’t as easily accessible, so the people gather and sit with one another and talk. They’re don’t ignore those around them and text others. They’re paying attention to family members and communicating.

Socially, the Cubans are more advanced. Gay rights are readily accepted and gender reassignment surgery is free. Cuban law dictates that women must earn the same salary as men and women make up nearly half of the Cuban National Assembly. And, the government finances education and healthcare. Most notably, black and white Cubans interact freely and freely socialize. In America, this does not happen as freely and different races tend to separate themselves. It’s slowly changing, but, again, slowly. Things may not be perfect in Cuba, but Cuba could teach America a few things.

Qué Bolaa Cuba Travel Agency

Qué Bolaa Cuba Travelis a Cuban private travel agency specializing in Cuba travel. It’s trained and experienced agents share the following goals:

o Show others Cuba’s exceptional beauty

o Share Cuba’s fun in a unique way

Qué Bolaa Cuba Travel offers numerous Cuba roundtrips & tours and top tours excursions homestays, several of which include excursion two days habana. The excursions take you through several UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including Old Havana, Trinidad and Valle de los Ingenios, Cienfuegos, and Valle de Vinales. You’ll certainly see the great tourist sites, but you’ll also see the wonderful, exciting sites only the travel agents know.

Accommodations are arranged at homestays or Island Casa Particulars, which are private lodgings the local people rent out. It’s similar to, and actually like, Bed and Breakfasts. Homestays or Island Casa Particulars are the best ways to experience Cuban life and taste homemade Cuban food. They are also very reasonably priced. Best of all, they allow you to interact with the warm, wonderful Cuban people.

“Que Bolaa” is the friendly Cuban way of asking “how are you going to have fun?” Well, how are you going to have fun? Contact Que Bolaa Cuba Travel today and let them show you.

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