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How to increase Google +1

2012 is the year of Google Plus.
This new social media platform has quickly gained millions of followers and Google are adding updates every day.

Google+ is very similar to Facebook (without all the apps) and Twitter.

What is Google +1?
This is Google's popularity rank meter. The more +1's you have attached to your website/blog/google+ page the better you will rank in the eyes of Google.

How do I increase my Google +1's?
The +1's are votes from Google plus account holders telling Google that they Like the content of the website/blog.
So, to get more of the +1's and increase your position in Google you need to make sure you have the +1 button installed.
If you are using sites like Wordpress then its easy to install a Google widget or sharing buttons widget.

Free exchange sites - there are now several +1 exchange sites on the web. Free is great and usually these sites take alot of time and effort, but be awarepeople are +1ing to get points and can often reverse it afterwards.

Buy +1's - should you buy Google +1's?
There are many sites out there offering to give your website 1000's. We have not tried this and can not endorse this method.

Is it better to add +1's to my website or build up +1's on my Google+ page?

This is a good question. There is still no great evidence that +1's are improving the Google Page rank, but most people have opted into Google +1's early because that seems to be the Google SEO plan.

Google Plus pages - We manage several Google+ pages and they do not have great SEO right now. I am sure Google plan to work on this.
When you compare the SEO capabilities of Facebook to Google+, Facebook wins.
A brand new Facebook page will rank very highly in Google search within a week. Google+ pages however are much slower and harder to be found in the Google search.

If you require +1's for your website please visit our store or contact us for details. We work with several networks and can get you real +1's from genuine people. This process will add approx 10 +1's per day.

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