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CNC Machines

Computer Numerical Control Machines or CNC Machines refers to computer operated equipment. Basically, the operator inputs programs onto the computer and then the machine follows the program. The programs can then be reused, edited or deleted.

At first, CNC Machines were costly and only lucrative companies could afford them, but now, they are much more affordable and even a handy hobbyist could build one to use at home.

Examples of CNC Machines include:

o CNC Milling Machines: These use rotating cylinder-shaped cutting tools to both drill and cut. It is the most common CNC Machine.

o CNC Machine Lathes: A standard lathe is a machine that rotates on an axis to shape and form various materials. A CNC Machine Lathe allows the operator to do the same and/or more complex work in less time and with less effort.

o Plasma Cutters: Plasma cutting torches are normally used to cut metals. Hand-held torches gouge and remove faulty welds. Hand held torches can and have been used in the past to cut small shapes, but achieving accuracy wasn’t easy. A CNC Plasma Cutter, however,can make precise cuts.

o CNC Router. This machine cuts plastic, wood, and sheet metal on an X, Y and Z axis (essentially relating to three-dimensional items) and is usually used for preparing larger projects.

These are just a few examples of CNC Machines. There are others.

Here are a few examples of the industries that use CNC Machines:

o Food Processing Companies

o Chemical Processing Companies

o Pharmaceutical Businesses

o Railroad Companies

o Aircraft Manufacturers

o Automobile Manufacturers

o Metal Removers and Fabricators

o Electrical Discharge Machineries

Of course, technology plays a significant role in the development of CNC Machines. And, as technology advances, so will CNC Machines’ potential. That is, as long as the machines’ parts remain superior. Truth is, no matter how sophisticated the computer or brilliant the operator, inferior elements will always sabotage the machine.

Shenzhen Peak Fasten Technologies Co., Ltd

Since 2003, Shenzhen Peak Fasten Technologies Co.Ltd (PFT),has been the leading worldwide supplier of Fasteners, Connectors, Stampings, and Wrenches/Tools. It also specializes in High Precision Parts, including CNC Turning Parts, Stainless Steel CNC Machinery Parts and Aluminum CNC Parts.

With its headquarters in Shenzhen, the strongest manufacturing area in China, along with two other inland centers, Peak Fasten Technologies sets industry standards while it serves North America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific Region.

For nearly fifteen years, Peak Fasten Technologies has provided solutions. It must. Its customers deal with serious challenges. They work in Aerospace Technology, Automotive Manufacturing, Construction, Defense, Energy, and Electronics, just to name a few. Even the handy hobbyist is entitled to the most superior products. Peak Fasten Technologies is extremely proud to serve all of its customers and satisfy their needs. It sees each customer as unique and special and vows to provide personal service to each one.

Peak Fasten Technologies believes quality is the soul of an enterprise and constantly seeks the craftsman’s spirit. It is humble, loyal, and considerate. It advocates total honesty and eternally strives to act legally, ethically, and morally. It believes we are all defined by our judgments, decisions, and values. Responsibility is the foundation for progress and Peak Fasten Technologies readily accepts responsibility for its customers and staff.

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