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Miss My Mother Dearly Happy Mother's Day

My Mother passed away 10 years ago in May,I miss her and not a day goes by that I do not think of her.  She was always there for me. Sometimes I still feel her with me when am down and having a bad day I can hear her tell me things will be ok.  She was a lovng mother always giving,loving,caring and nurturing.
This Mother's Day let your Mother know how. much she means to you. How much you love her and care about her,for tomarrow can be just memories.

I Still Miss Her
It seems like only yesterday
I sent a Mother’s Day card away.
I didn’t think it would be the last,
I signed it with love and mailed it fast.
Now that she has gone away,
It doesn’t feel like Mother’s Day.
There are no more chances to send a card,
To ship some flowers, to make a call.
There’s no more thanking her for all she’s done.
No more visits,
No more fun.
I cannot hug her or kiss her cheek.
I cannot even share a laugh.
It all too quickly became the past.
I took each visit with her for granted.
I thought there’d always be more to come.
The camera lies still now
From her use and mine.
All the pictures have been taken,
All the memories have been made.
All the words have been spoken,
All the letters have been mailed.
The thing I miss the most of all
Has got to be her voice
Whether on the telephone or talking face to face.
I’d wish for one more conversation either here or at her place.
I know I’ll see her again some day,
We’ll share the sights of heaven.
We’ll talk, we’ll laugh, we’ll hug,
We’ll kiss it’ll be Mother’s Day once more.
But until then I’ll be a mom for Mother’s Day instead of
Being a daughter.

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Royal Presence
Royal Presence | May 6th 2012 at 1336335514

I lost my Mom ten years ago also and you're right, not a day goes by.
I miss her a lot, like yours she was always there for me and giving love with a big heart to everyone. Happy Mother's Day!
bvaughnfamily | May 23rd 2012 at 1337775583

My mom also died in 2002. Time does heal, but I absolutely agree about:

"The thing I miss the most of all
Has got to be her voice
Whether on the telephone or talking face to face."

I also agree with you when you say:

"let your Mother know how much she means to you.
How much you love her and care about her, for tomorrow can be
just memories."

I am grateful that the week before Mother's Day my husband and two youngest daughters surprised me with a lovely early Mother's Day trip to town & matinee movie (The Avengers - WOW! GREAT surprise!).

I am also grateful that on Mother's Day I had a lovely visit with my Dad, my stepmom & my youngest daughter - and I was able to tell them how much I love & care for them, and how much they mean to me! And the call from our oldest daughter (married & a mama herself) on the phone was a blessing too ♥

Thank you pattysuniquegifts for sharing such a personal story & poem! Blessings to you & yours!
-tonia vaughn

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