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How To Use Brooches/Pins

Brooches, once a mainstay of every woman’s wardrobe, now come and go for many in the same manner as other jewelry  trends. It is, however, easy to make a positive case for this sophisticated piece of jewelry. It is, after all, more versatile than any other jewelry item. Brooches can be used the standard way: as an accessory to fashion. But that is by no means their only use. They can also be used on clothing accessories as well as in the hair.
Purchase one or more brooches if they are not readily on hand.

(Here is a few of the brooches I carry) 

Use the brooch on clothing. Attach a brooch to the high neckline of a blouse, dress or jacket. Use one or more brooches in a cluster on the lapel of a suit jacket or place one or more on the shoulder of a jacket or dress. Pin several small brooches over the buttons of a blouse or dress to liven up the clothing or show off a collection. Try using smaller pins as a substitute for cuff links on a blouse by just pinning the brooch over the cuff's buttons.

Utilize the brooch to help securely attach an accessory to clothing such as a scarf, a shawl or a shrug. Attach a brooch to a hat.
  • Pin one or more brooches onto a handbag or clutch to convert a daytime look to evening chic. Use a magna pin for heavier fabrics, suedes and leathers.

    Convert a brooch to a pendant by attaching it directly to a thick necklace chain, omega or collar. Hook a pin over a string of beads or double them up, pulling them together around the neck. Close with a brooch to create a unique choker or u
    se a pin converter to turn a brooch into a standard necklace pendant.
    Turn a brooch into a piece of hair jewelry. Attach a pin to a headband. Using wire or thread, attach a brooch to a hair comb or barrette. Run the pin of a brooch through the elastic of a ponytail holder for a top knot accent piece.
    Attach a brooch directly to the hair

    With the endless possbilities a brooch can be used it makes a wonderful gift for any woman no matter the age. 

    Check out all my brooches and other jewelry peices 

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Reader Comments  (4)

Royal Presence
Royal Presence | April 17th 2012 at 1334698488

Very clever! I love pins on purses and scarves :-)
LatinaTurk | April 17th 2012 at 1334699804

Love brooches....pins whatever they are called. If it shines...even better...goes with my personality....LOL
Pacesetter | April 18th 2012 at 1334764047

Such Great Ideas~Thank You!! I always forget what to do with them :)
Donna's Stuff & More
Donna's Stuff & More | April 18th 2012 at 1334772880

Great tips in your blog - and I love your brooches! ;-D

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